Starbucks opened its first location in Italy


There’s a cookie-cutter Starbucks coffee shop or three at almost every corner in the United States, so when another one pops up, it’s about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. However, Starbucks opened its first location in Italy, and it looks breathtaking.

Previously it was a post office in Milan’s Palazzo delle Poste, Italy’s first Starbucks cafe is easily the most luxurious and beautiful Starbucks on the planet. The 25,000-square-foot roastery has a 30-foot marble bar, an enormous Scolari coffee roaster, and an affogato machine that makes ice cream with liquid nitrogen. The menu has rare Arabica coffee sourced from 30 countries around the world, pour-over coffee, cold brews, espresso, cappuccino, baked goods, small bites, and even craft cocktails.

Howard Schultz, the founder of the beloved coffee shop enterprise, notes that a trip to Milan in 1983 inspired the creation of his company. The erection of this Milan Starbucks, which opens September 7, has Schultz coming back full circle to show what he’s learned since his inspirational visit over 30 years ago.

Starbucks-Reserve-Roastery-Milan-4 Starbucks-Reserve-Roastery-Milan-3 Starbucks-Reserve-Roastery-Milan-2 Starbucks-Reserve-Roastery-Milan-1

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