Owl Creek Residence by Skylab


Owl Creek Residence is a house that is located in Snowmass, Colorado, USA. The retreat was designed by Skylab Architecture, a full service and integrated interdisciplinary design studio. The Owl Creek residence has a purpose. That purpose is for a brother, a sister and their families to have a vacation home. The location of the house made the design and construction of the house quite hard. Although, Skylab managed to take advantage of those constraints and designed the house in a way that embraces the connection to the environment at every angle. Inside and outside.

The finishes and the interior of the house were carefully constructed because they wanted to bring the breathtaking landscape of the outside, on the inside. They tried to make the outside environment an extension of the inside environment. They used calm, natural and rich materials to showcase the harmony of nature. The house has a luxury living room floor that an amazing fireplace, bar and lounge that are spread in a beautiful open space that allows natural light and stunning reflections to come through. This creates the illusion of being outside.

The outside includes a spa with a stunning panoramic view, an elevated deck and an outdoor terrace right next to the kitchen. We can easily say that, the Owl Creek Residence by Skylab is a truly modern yet simple retreat that whoever takes a look at it can understand the craftsmanship and effort that was needed for its creation.

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