9th METRO Animal Day – Animal Adoption Day


This article is a bit different that what we usually write about. Reason being is that, this is a special occasion and we couldn’t be happier to write about.

Celebrated annually on October, Metro Animal Day is an unofficial event that encourages all of us to show more  attention to the stray animals of Cyprus. It is also a day to commemorate everything that our pets do for us on a daily basis. This year on October 14th Metro supermarkets are organizing the 9th Animal Adoption Day. Everyone should visit them and rescue a a stray dog or cat. Let’s all try and help them, lets try and provide these animals a warm home and a loving family. After all, don’t they deserve it?

Facts about Metro Animal Days

  • More than 300 strays were adopted.
  • More than 2 tons of pet food were offered.
  • €7.500 were donated for veterinary expenses.

Donations and Locations

For each adoption that is going to be made, Brekkies will donate pet food worth of €20. Additionally, METRO supermarkets will contribute €20 for veterinary expenses through the Animal Welfare Organizations.

Where are the events going to happen?

At METRO Supermarkets in Strovolos, Larnaca, Limassol and Paralimni.

METRO Strovolos

  • Nicosia Dog Shelter
  • Cat P.A.W.S. Cyprus
  • P.A.W.S. Protecting Animals Without Shelter

METRO Larnaca

  • Association for the Protection of Animals and Birds in Larnaca
  • Ammochostos Friends of Larnaca Cats

METRO Limassol

  • Cat P.A.W.S. Cyprus Dog Valley Rescue Center

METRO Paralimni

  • Ammochostos Dog Rescuers

Make sure you attend the event and rescue a stray animal. We support all local events of this kind. Lets embrace a good cause together.

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