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Undone watches a watch company that is based out of Hong Kong grabbed our attention when we found out about their custom made watch offerings and we honestly had to cover them. Undone watches is run by a team of watch lovers, watch enthusiasts and very talented people in every single thing they do. The company started out as a Kickstarter project back in June 2016 and since then they managed to expand dramatically. Their super successful project managed to bring 1,336 backers back then and many supporters. They are now offering custom made watches that you can build on your own on their website thanks to their online watch customizer. The reason they keep expanding so fast is that they keep offering great quality timepieces for a super low price. Today we are going to discuss about the company’s Urban Vintage Collection and more specifically the Vintage dials. Lets see what Undone watches actually offers:

The case

The urban chronograph watch comes in a 316L Stainless steel case that has a diameter of 400m wide and a lug-to-lug length of 47mm. The watch has a total height of 13mm and the lugs measure 20mm. It sure is bigger than the most vintage chronographs but in reality, it’s perfectly sized no matter the wrist. The case features straight beveled lugs, long pushers and an onion crown. Regarding the finish of the case, there are four options at the moment that you can customize accordingly. You can either leave it at the standard brushed/polished stainless steel color, or you can modify it to be finished with Black PVD, Rose Gold PVD or PVD Yellow Gold.


The Crystal

On top of that uniquely stepped case we find a K1 hardened Domed mineral Crystal that puts everything together. The K1 is a crystal much stronger than a regular mineral crystal and the K1 is super famous in the watch industry. Some people might dislike that and might be asking for a sapphire crystal but honestly you are not missing anything with the K1.

The movement

Inside of this custom made watch, there is something you can’t not change, at least for now. We don’t really know if Undone custom made watches is going to offer an option to change the movement powering the amazing watch. The only thing that you currently cannot change is the movement. The movement powering this timepiece, is a SII VK61 which is a quartz “hybrid” or “mechanical-quartz” or “mecha-quartz” chronograph movement made by Seiko. Same movement as the one we saw in this article about Vario. What is a mecha quartz you might ask? Basically it’s a movement that is powered by a battery and features a quartz regulator. However, this type of movement has moving parts and gears which are similar in the movements you find in mechanical watches. Well, you don’t really need to know all of these technical details so regarding the movement we ll just say that, it’s a reliable Japanese movement that you will enjoy for many years to come without any special treatment apart from changing the battery every few years.

undone-watches-urban-chronograph-gear-greedThe case-back

We are going to write it again, because it’s true. The Undone Urban has been made by TRUE professionals and ORIGINAL watch enthusiasts which care for their product and for their customers. With that said, lets jump into the customizable case-back. What we mean by that, is the fact that you can choose from their online customizer if you would like an exhibition case-back showcasing the movement or, a solid case-back. Added feature of the solid case back, is that you are able to ask for custom engraving in the center of the case-back. Talking about attention to detail and uniqueness. One of the few, if not the only exhibition case-back watch with a quartz movement that is actually cool to look at.


The hands of this luxury timepiece are again customizable, from the hour to the minute to the second hands. You can mix and match over a series of designs that they offer. If you were to choose the blue color hands you would be amazed by the quality. Those hands are chemically blued (usually they are flamed) but they look extremely high quality over some other chemically blued steel hands that other brands tend to offer. They almost match the blue flamed hands that high end watch companies offer. The sizing of the hands is perfectly balanced for the size of the watch and the dial which provide extreme legibility when reading the time.

The straps

The straps that Undone is currently offering are many. We will specify the types of the straps just to reference them. They offer Caviar straps, Rally straps, Alligator Print Leather straps, Calf leather straps, Cordura straps and of course Perlon straps. In each category you will be able to find at least 3 different variations in terms of coloring per strap. Talking about options to choose from. The quality of each and every strap they are offering is top notch and they are even including quick release pins inside the strap. That added feature is useful when the need to change your strap arise. You won’t be needing a strap tool or anything else. Just push those pins to the side and the strap is off. You can then replace it with your new favorite strap.

The dials

The dials. Where to start and where to finish. Undone watches is offering 26 different dials in their Urban chronograph collection. That list keeps getting bigger so we won’t be surprised to see even more options in the near future. The surprising fact is that all of these dials are not just color changing dials. They feature different designs, different colors, different hour markers and differently designed sub-dials. However, all of these options stay under the urban vintage chronograph experience. Moreover, for those who are not interested in customizing their own watch, Undone is offering pre-created “fixed” models such as the Killy, the Speedy, the Navi, the Newman and the Auta that are designed by the company and are up for grabs.

undone-watches-urban-chronograph-gear-greedThe price

After everything you read above you are probably wondering that this watch costs an arm and a leg. To your surprise though it doesn’t. They Pre-created models start at the price of $265, (yes, that’s not a typo mistake) and the custom made watches that you can create on their website go for $295. However, when you wear the Urban Vintage Chronograph you feel like a thousand bucks. The quality of the case, the strap, the weight and the watch face itself are top notch. You are not missing out from other expensive brands. Undone has you covered. It will be very hard to find what Undone is offering in the price range of $200-600. You will need to look way further, in the $1000-2000 price range to find something similar of that quality.

Final thoughts

Undone watches went “all in” since day 1 of their Kickstarter campaign and they keep pushing themselves to offer the best quality custom made watches. They currently offer one more collection called “Aqua”, a dive watch with a water resistance of 30ATM/300meters. We are super excited that we covered a brand like Undone and we can’t wait to see what they do next. We can vouch for them day and night and we honestly believe that they know the game and that the know what they are doing. From their logo, to their website to their pricing to the last screw that goes into every watch custom or not.

undone-watches-urban-chronograph-gear-greed*Currently Undone watches have a Valentines Day discount on their website. You buy one watch and you get the second one for 50%. Rush over there before it’s too late and grab an awesome bargain.

More Technical Specifications:

Case: 316L Stainless steel case available in PVD Black, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Normal Steel.
Movement: Seiko VK61 Mecha-Quartz movement.
Water Resistance: Up to 30m/ 3ATM
Dial: 26 dial options.
Crystal: Hardened Domed K1 Crystal.
Strap: Many options to choose from. 20mm straps.
Case back: Exhibition or Solid.
Case size: 40mm excl. crown
Case thickness: 13mm.



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