Thomas Earnshaw Watches Longitude – Hands On Review

thomas earnshaw longitude watch

Today we are going to talk about a new brand. A brand that focuses on high-end luxury dress watches with a twist. What’s the twist? You can actually afford them. The brand we are going to talk about today is Thomas Earnshaw watches and more specifically the Longitude watch. Thomas Earnshaw is focusing and specializing in dress watches for men and women and they currently offer a huge selection of different models, different sizes, different colors, different movements/complications and different straps. Although everything they offer screams high-end luxury.

The brand takes its name from the worldwide famous English watchmaker as known as “father of the modern chronometer”, Thomas Earnshaw however they are based in Hong Kong; nothing wrong with that, just had to point it out.

The watch we are reviewing today is one of their early models in the Longitude collection with the model number of ES-8006-11. A watch that received many compliments over the review phase that went through.

The case

The case of the Longitude ES-8006-11 is made out of Stainless Steel which is super resistant to corrosion which is a nice touch. It has a size of 44mm in diameter and 14mm in height. Definitely wears on the big side but we do love it. It screams luxury and confidence at the same time. It has a generous wrist presence but it’s easily hidden under a cuff. On the left side of the case you can proudly see engraved “Earnshaw” which is something not many brands offer. An aesthetic addition that goes a long way.

thomas earnshaw longitude watch frontThe Dial

As you probably have guessed it by now, the watch features an open heart above the 6 position, a dual time dial at the 9 position and a day/night indicator function under the 12 position. Being a skeleton watch allows you to easily enjoy the movement that sports inside and admire the internals. At least I do every time I wear it, I just can’t get enough of that internal harmony that all the pieces bring together to make the watch spin. At the same time we can identify that around the internals there is still a bit of a dial.

The dial background is in a black color with the indexes perfectly applied on it. The indexes are super polished and of high quality. The Longitude sports 2 blue hands that are perfectly readable in bright situations; not so much in darker scenarios. The dual time sub-dial compliments perfectly the rest of the dial and gives a nice addition to the rest of the watch. On top of that amazing skeleton dial we find a sapphire anti-reflective coated crystal. Overall, we have to say good job Thomas Earnshaw watches, you probably made the impossible, possible!thomas earnshaw longitude watch top

The movement

The movement that powers up this amazing high-end luxury timepiece is an Automatic Skeleton Multi-function with Dual Time. We don’t really know the origin of the movement but we can easily and safely say that it’s a reliable movement for the time we have been using the watch. It has always been spot on and fully accurate. It has a power reserve of around 35-40 hours which is an added benefit.

The Backcase

At the back of the Longitude ES-8006-11 there is a clear backcase with a mineral crystal most probably that again allows you to admire the rotor and the backside of the skeleton movement. On the inside of the back side crystal we find the logo of Thomas Earnshaw Watches in black alongside a 1805 date. I believe that the attention to detail that this watch offers is a bargain compared to it’s pricing.

thomas earnshaw longitude watch backsideThe rest

On the right side of the watch we find the push/pull onion crown. The crown looks and feels premium and it’s super easy to operate. With the crown you can change the time and the dual time, depending on the position that you set it. Never had a problem with it, feels robust and perfectly accurate. The strap of the Longitude is a stainless steel strap that compliments the rest of the case and has a width of 22-20mm. It has a butterfly buckle for easy access and feels premium as well.

thomas earnshaw longitude watch side crownthomas earnshaw longitude watch buckleAfter the review of the Longitude we believe that Thomas Earnshaw watches deserve a spot under the highlight because they truly offer a lot for their price. From the movement, to the design of the actual watch to the functionality, even to the buckle. The Longitude collection pricing starts at £300 and goes up to £400 which is a true bargain considering everything that it offers.

Make sure you visit their website because we will find amazing deals, amazing watches and the best thing of all? You won’t regret buying them. Super high-end luxury timepieces that won’t make your wallet feel empty. Throwing some food for though there. Geargreed approves Thomas Earnshaw Watches. We ll make sure to bring you more reviews from the brand because we fall in love with it. Until then, stay safe.

More technical Specifications:

MOVEMENT: Automatic Skeleton 2 Hands with Dual Time
CASE: Stainless Steel
CASE COLOUR: Stainless Steel
DIAL COLOUR: Silver White
BAND: Genuine Leather Strap
BUCKLE: Strap Buckle
BAND WIDTH (mm): 22-20
WARRANTY: 2 Years International

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