The Best Minimalist Watches For Men 2017

The styles we will talk about today are described as minimalist because of their extreme lack of bells and whistles. They have been around for quite a long time, originating back to Bauhaus and mid-century movements. Less-is-more is the best practice for any man who doesn’t ask for the attention, and the perfect style will engage any man who thinks stout, ostentatious watches are the wrist-bound likeness of a red Ferrari or a green Lamborghini.

They combine pleasantly with almost any outfit from jeans to leather jackets and even suits and you’ll discover clean lines and downplayed style at every budget available, from moderate quartz alternatives through to the absolute best in Swiss and German watchmaking. Here are our top choices for this month and possibly the whole year.

Braun Gents Classic Slim

Braun’s slimmest case houses an ordinarily spotless and clear outline. The man behind Braun’s watches is the German fashioner Dieter Rams. He originated from the Functionalist school and went for items that said “less, however better”. Mission accomplished on this clean and enjoyably moderate model.

$132.95 at Amazon [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Mondaine Helvetica No1 Light

Known for its notorious Swiss railroad timepieces, Mondaine’s line is based on the great Helvetica font and honestly they bond well. It’s a marriage of an up to date effortlessness that is more refined for the absence of everything instead of the presence of everything. That blueish leather strap will look very sleek under the sleeve of a fresh white shirt or even a summer look with a t-shirt. Furthermore a quartz movement is powering this bad boy in order to always keep your timings spot on and to never miss a date. 

$425 at Mondaine [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Uniform Wares M40

London’s Uniform Wares creates watches that are feature zero polishing and zero marks or branding. In the case that you are looking for tachymetersd, skeletonized movements, diving features or pilot watches you should start looking somewhere else. The brand is known for their Swiss Made timepieces that provide the absolute minimalism but at the same time they don’t go unnoticeable. The M40 in a dark case and a gunmetal dial we believe is our number one of the current collection.

£325 at Uniformwares [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope

Max Bill was a craftsman who loved fashion and had worked with the German watchmaker Junghans in the 50s. He was born in the actual Bauhaus movement era. This specific watch is named after Bill and honestly transitions the Bauhaus design elements up to the last detail. The watch is covered with a domed sapphire crystal. Under the flawlessly domed SICRALAN-coated plexiglass crystal you get a custom made in-house self-winding chronograph movement that will get you through the next 20 years at least. A true eye-candy and an amazing timepiece.

£1,630 at Mr. Porter [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Daniel Wellington Classic

No introductions here are needed as everyone (who doesn’t live under a rock) knows the global brand that carries the name of Daniel Wellington. They offer simple, minimal, rich watches that look magnificent on a vibrant Nato strap. The sharp rosegold hour markers look super clean against the black dial and the interchangeable straps will work with type of outfit, from casual to formal to sporty. A true conversation starter.

$175 at Daniel Wellington [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Nomos Glashutte Metro Neomatik

One of our very own favorite watch brands ever made, is of course Nomos. They develop unique, amazing automatic watches that feature in-house movements and are of course much more affordable than any other watches in their class. Nomos is relatively new in the industry since 1990. The metro Neomatik takes minimalism to another level due to the modern approach, the easy-to-read dials and of course the custom ultra-thin in-house movement. A truly unique timepiece which is quite affordable when you actually understand what you get in exchange for that price. You get what you pay for in the good way.

£2,880 at Goldsmiths [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Kartel Kendrick

Kartel is a brand that is inspired by the Scottish landscape, although we can’t really see that in a watch like the Kendrick due to the minimalist approach. The watch resembles an accessory that can be worn by any man out there without feeling less of a man and we genuinely love that monochrome look and the contrast of the small seconds. Complete blackout designs are our weak point when it comes to watches and especially when they sport a small seconds dial or any extra dial at all.

£89 at Kartel [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Greyhours Vision Classic

Greyhours a brand we have been following since 2014 due to its uniqueness and the beautiful timepieces. They always produce limited runs of watches or small numbers but they come in a plethora of color variations (watches and straps) in order to match all styles and tastes. The vision classic features a day dial and a date dial alongside the hour and second hands and yet it manages to stay true to its minimalism and exclusivity. The hour markers are embossed in the dial and they match the color casing. We were amazed on the way the managed to put all these features in a watch yet keep it legible, slim and at the same time continue the brand’s identity.

£180 at Greyhours [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]


Georg Jensen Koppel

George Jensen is known for its silversmith work although they transitioned into watches in the 60s. They have worked with the artist Henning Koppel in their designs in the 70s. As you can clearly see in the Koppel model you can only identify elegance and minimalism at the same time. Under the minimalist look their is a complicated mechanical movement from ETA (model 7001) that sports a 37 power reserve. The movement provides the small dial seconds function and that blue seconds hands is the perfect color for a nice contrast on that white dial.

£1795 at Georg Jensen [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

Brathwait Classic Slim

Ever wondered how to step up your wrist game? Well the answer lies in the below. This magnificent timepiece uses a Marron top grain leather for the strap. The face screams minimalism but it can provide all the info you are looking for but nothing else. No chronographs, no sub dials no nothing. Furthermore, the minutes are marked with small dashes to make them readable. The hands are fairly sharp and that flashy red seconds hand stands out against that kind of beige dial. The watch is completed with a 1.9mm thick domed sapphire crystal. On top of that there is anti-reflective coating to make it easier to read the time when in bright situations. We love the transparency of Brathwait. On their website they explain everything they are using and why they are pricing everything at the price they are. For us, here at Geargreed we believe this watch is the best all around in terms of quality and price point. A true classic yet modernized dress watch for under $200. What more can we ask for?

$169 at Brathwait [highlight color=#f40;]GET IT [/highlight]

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