The 5 Best Watch Microbrands


The world of watches has become very accessible to mostly everyone that’s why we are seeing a huge increase in new watch brands everyday. The difference of the “smaller” brands or “microbrands” is that they are not run by huge companies, rather small teams of 1 to 3 who are categorized as watch enthusiasts. Most of these brands are using Kickstarter as their main source of funding and if they are successful they start producing more and more watches every season. However, some of them are self-funded and they are using their own money because they are truly invested in what they believe about their brand, and they are willing to dig deep in their pockets.

There are some fantastic micro brands on the market right now, but we have selected the 5 best watch microbrands available today.

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Halios Watches


Halios watches are mostly known for their dive watches. A brand that was founded in 2009, one of the early microbrands in the industry, they have started to make a name for themselves in the dive watch category, which is a super competitive market.  Their inspiration comes from the sport watches of the ’60s. Their watches are relatively affordable when compared to their quality. Bargain timepieces for their quality and craftmanship. If you are looking for a dive watch, they are perfect.

Meccaniche Veneziane Watches

One of the newest microbrands on the market Meccaniche Veneziane, took everyone by surprise when launching on Kickstarter. They managed to create a buzz for their name with their first campaign which was super successful and helped them to create more campaigns when they launched their later timepieces. Their latest campaign was funded in under 30 seconds from 805 backers that pledged a total amount of €497,988. This is because they have a super loyal fanbase and amazing customer service that is next to none. Furthermore, their watches are beautiful to look at. Unique timepieces, true pieces of art.

Anicorn Watches

The-5-best-watch-microbrands-gear-greedMoving on, Anicorn watches are based in Hong-Kong and they are an independent watchmaker and design studio that was founded in 2014. Their timepieces are of high quality, and their looks are modern and minimal. Definitely one of the few brands out there that offers nothing we’ve seen before in a timepiece. They have created 4 successful campaigns on Kickstarter so far and they are still going strong. If you are into unique, modern, and stylish watches then Anicorn is the brand for you.

Aevig Watches


Aevig watches a microbrand founded in 2013 by Chip Yuen after the successful design of two watch projects for the biggest online watch community, Watchuseek. The watches that are offered by Aevig, scream quality and affordability. The quality and craftmanship that goes into them is out of this world. They seem like super expensive watches, instead they are a fraction of that price and we love that. Their latest timepiece is called “Thor” and we are huge fans of it. Can’t wait to see what else they come up with. Again, a true bargain.

Farer Watches


Farer watches don’t need any introductions as they are one of the most established microbrands out there. This young company has been able to hit the market with some amazing vintage-inspired timepieces that their prices begin at just over the $500 mark. Farer offers some of the most well built watches and their playfulness takes them to the next level. Don’t hesitate to buy any watch from this amazing microbrand.

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