Kane Black Out Classic Black Watch – Casual and Beautiful

Tik Tok Tik Tok. This time our watch has stopped in the beautiful country of The Netherlands and specifically at the new upcoming watch brand named KANE. The brand was founded by Mr. Christopher Rasker in 2016.

KANE Watches are inspired by the lifestyle movement in Tokyo, Japan and designed in the heart of Amsterdam. Through out the modular and versatile design of the watches and how fast fashion moves this days KANE watches provide a flexibility from their selected range of smart and beautiful watches. Because of the interchangeable straps that allow you to adapt in any style you require these watches are essential in every man’s wardrobe. Some might say that a flashy or expensive watch can define your personality but KANE Watches are challenging this idea with the simplicity and elegance their watches are designed and that is why they placed a price tag of €99 so that it can be accessible to every one. After all every man has the right to look good.

They have already launched 5 different style of watches and one of them is the Black Out Classic Black that I have loved so much. So lets have a look at this lovely watch.


I am not the kind of guy who likes shiny ornaments or flashy bling and that is why when i first saw the Kane Blackout i wanted to have it. With the forged matte Black Out case and the Classic Black leather strap you have yourselves a black beauty that no one can resist. With this sleek combination this watch is suitable either with a casual short-sleeve t-shirt or with a custom made suit.

Here are the watch’s specifications:

  • Forged steel slim case
  • 39mm diameter x 7.5mm thickness
  • Anti-scratch hardened mineral crystal
  • Japanese quartz movement by Citizen
  • 5 ATM water resistance (showerproof)

And also the strap’s details:

  • Oil tanned Italian leather
  • 20mm width tapered design
  • Fast strap interchange system
  • Stainless steel buckle
  • One size fits all

You are able to change the strap of the watch and KANE Watches have some other strap materials and colors that may suit you. In particular for the Black Out version they have a brown and grey leather strap but also a black and silver stainless steel mesh strap.

As mentioned above, KANE Watches have produced 5 variations of watches and having talked already about the Black Out model here are the rest of them:


My name is Bond, James Bond. Black Code is a classic watch because of the color way and design of it and is inspired by some smart-dressed characters such as James Bond. In comparison with the Black Out model the Black Code has a black and silver look with interchangeable straps as well. Whether it is placed on the end of a steam-pressed suit cuff or tucked slightly underneath a casual sports jacket, the Black Code watch sharpens up any of your outfits. The Black Code watch have the same variety of straps in leather as well in stainless steel.


The Silver Steel has the type of timeless design that adds the element of sophistication to any look. Yet it offers a refreshing alternative to the current trend of white watch faces. With the silver steel look of the watch’s face it offers a nice alternative to the current white color trend. When it is paired with the stainless steel mesh strap either in silver or black you have a very elegant look that every paparazzi will notice when walking down the red carpet. If you are looking for a classic and longstanding watch with a bit of modernity in it then the Silver Steel watch is what you are looking for.


The Blue Arctic has a beautiful electric ice blue color with a deep tone of navy cobalt. I am always amazed whenever i see a blue color dial especially when matched with a nice leather strap or a silver stainless steel strap. This time though i was even more amazed and left gazing at the Blue Arctic that KANE Watches designed paired with their suede Vintage Brown leather strap. This watch just looks amazing. With the capability of changing the straps of this watch as well i would recommend to break the traditions and create your own contemporary classic with the Arctic Blue Vintage Brown.


Saving the best for last, the Gold Club is a statement watch in my honest and humble opinion. With the black interface, the gold ring and the gold hands this watch brings out a vibe of a man driven with ambition and determination. Paired with a black oil tanned leather strap you have a watch that showcases a man with goals in his life that can accomplish extraordinary things. If you are all those things and a doer in life then this watch should be at the end of your wrist. Welcome to the Club, The Gold Club!

I went with the Black Out Classic Black for my daily watch and i am very pleased with my selection because the whole black matte look just fits my style. Have a look below on some photos of the amazing Kane watches mentioned above and the link to the website. Select the style suitable for you and get your Kane watch wherever you are in you are in the world. A true bargain of a watch. Style, Quality and Design for under €100. What else can you ask for?

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