5 Watch Microbrands You Need To Know – May 2019

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In our previous article about Watch Microbrands we covered 5 brands that we believe are totally awesome. In this month’s piece we are covering some established watch microbrnds but also a few that seem really promising and they will be launching their crowdfunding campaigns through Kickstarter really soon.

This micro promotional series has been a huge hit in which you kept asking to see and learn more about new and/or established microbrands that are not very known yet. Well, below we are covering 5 microbrands that look great. Read about them and upgrade your wristgame.

There are some fantastic microbrands on the market right now, however for this month we are showcasing the following 5 brands.

Check Geargreed ‘s guide below for 5 watch microbrands you need to know about:

Mitchell Timepieces


Mitchell Timepieces was developed through my passion for watches and military aircraft. While we label ourselves a Pilot brand, we offer aviation inspired pieces as well. Our pilot watches will feature aspects of both historic and modern designs, bringing our take on the modern pilots while tying in inspiration from various military aircraft.  I want my timepieces to be a tribute, not only to the men and women in the USAF that I served with, but in the bigger picture – men and women that stand up and say “Yes I will risk my life for a greater cause.” I am honoring them whether they are in USA, UK or Australia etc. Our goal is to be a very exclusive brand, producing excellent watches of short runs of between 10 to 50 pieces. This allows us to have complete control over all aspects of production and quality control. Each watch is designed and assembled in the United States using high quality watch movements and components. I want you, our customers, to feel as proud to own a Mitchell Timepiece as we are to produce them.

The Warthog is our latest timepiece, named after the A-10 Thunderbolt – affectionally known as the Warthog’ due to its endearing looks. Anyone who has ever seen the Warthog in action knows how ‘in your face’ and devastating a fighting vehicle it is – something that you’d never forget. Hence, I chose a large diameter case – with an emblem of the Warthog at the 10 position and a sub- second dial to represent the Gau-8 Avenger. I chose a slow-beat swiss movement – as sure, the Warthog is not the fastest plane – but it’s as reliable as hell and will carry on regardless of whatever is thrown at it. This watch is going to be available through their Kickstarter Campaign soon.

Mirus Watches


Mirus is an up-and-coming microbrand based out of Long Island, NY, offering Swiss Made luxury timepieces. Their focus is not only on the purchasing experience, but on the ownership experience as well. Mirus watches are designed to last a lifetime, featuring premium construction and materials such as 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating, premium movements, and more. Mirus’ introductory classic sport model is geared for versatility; each watch includes 2 straps (silicone and leather) with an optional bracelet available. With 100m water resistance and a wealth of varying textures and finishes, Mirus watches can be worn in any setting. Whether it’s at the office or at the beach, a Mirus watch is always designed to look, feel, and perform great.
Mirus will be launching its crowdfunding campaign later this year. Visit them at miruswatches.com and sign up for their newsletter to learn more about their products and be automatically entered in to win a free watch!

Blacklist Watches


Blacklist is the automotive enthusiast’s watch brand. Founded in 2013 and motivated by our love for supercars, our designs feature colors and materials that are seen on some of the most iconic of automobiles. In the world of high-end supercars, carbon fiber is everywhere, so we really wanted to showcase its unique, sleek and sexy look on our watches. In a time of minimalism, we said forget that and produced our first collections with oversized bold carbon fiber dials. Today, our numerous collections reflect a range of automotive inspired features, from color to material.

Blacklist, by definition is a list of people or products viewed with suspicion or disapproval. Founding our brand right in the thick of the minimalist movement, we found it only fitting that our brand be called Blacklist. We go against the grain, we are not normal, and quite frankly, we don’t want to be. There is nothing unique or special about following trends. We march to the beat of our own drum, we blaze our own paths and we are unafraid to like what we like and be proud of it.

With a strong affinity for business, Blacklist founder Justin Eterovich is the creative force driving the brand.  A passion driven businessman, he takes pride in bridging the connection between his two loves, watches and cars. During his first year of college, fed up by tasteless watches, he designed the first Blacklist collection (Phantom) on a piece of notebook paper sitting in an economics class. Fast forward to today and he has tasked himself with growing “The Blacklist” even further and into a community of car loving watch enthusiasts. With the belief that life is too short to wear boring watches, he strives to deliver exceptional designs that will promote a feeling of uniqueness and exclusivity to the wearer.

We are the Blacklist, join us.

Melbourne Watch Company


Established in 2013, the Melbourne Watch Company was founded with the goal of creating high quality Australian timepieces which remain accessible to enthusiasts, casual collectors and beyond. In 2013 we embraced the power of the online watch community to help us launch our debut model (the Flinders) through crowd funding. The positive reaction we received to the Flinders spurred us to expand with a wider range of designs and set our sights on establishing local watchmaking operations. We recently passed our five year anniversary and are proud to have successfully released more than ten models to date.

One of our driving goals is to help grow Australia’s watchmaking industry by working and employing locally. From concept through to design, assembly and testing, each stage is managed in-house by our Melbourne team at our inner-city workshop and showroom. We firmly believe our team’s hands-on approach allows us to provide exceptional quality and service at every stage of our customer experience.

In 2016 we decided that we wanted to establish a ‘home’ where we could offer something different to the standard ‘watches behind glass’ retail experience. The showroom allows our customers to connect with our team in person, explore our collections in a relaxed environment and take a look behind the scenes in our workshop. 

REC Watches


REC Watches is the offspring of a passion for incredible timepieces, iconic cars… and aged whisky. And while the details of our story remains a little fuzzy, what we know for sure is that the brand was launched in 2014, out of Copenhagen Denmark. Petrol heads and watch fanatics to the bone, our ambition with REC Watches is to transform those passions into truly unique timepieces.

Instead of some obscure year of establishment,every single REC timepiece incorporates salvaged,recycled iconic parts. A concept which we named RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM- or just REC for short. We’ve put our hearts, souls and more work than we care to think about into these collections, and always strive to hit a perfect blend of distinctive designs, subtle references, handmade components,and fantastic storytelling!

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