Foodie’s Guide Through NYC’s Best Eateries

Any self-respecting foodie knows about New York and is dying to visit it; it may be for the first time, it may be once again after tasting some of NYC’s specialties. New Yorkers take their food seriously so it is no wonder the big apple became the friendliest place any foodie can hope for. This is the city where fine dining and specialty cuisine extend from the kitchens of fancy restaurants to the food trucks you can find parked in the oddest places. If you are hoping to give your taste buds a treat you will never want to leave NYC. To explore all of what New York has to offer, a foodie would take a lifetime and if you are not ready to make that commitment yet, start your food journey with this list of suggestions.

Street carts

Street carts are the best thing about New York. You can find them in any part of the city and they offer a wide array of food. There is almost always a line at a food cart and it is a universal and unique NYC experience. It’s a universal experience because you will find people from all walks of life eating at street carts and it is a unique experience because New York is known for all the street carts you can find on its streets. If you are running late in the morning and have to skip breakfast, stop by the first breakfast cart you run into, they won’t let you down. If you want something lighter for a snack, find a Nuts 4 Nuts cart and snack on some honey roasted nuts, they are better with coffee. If you need something to fill you up and give you energy for the rest of the day get a hotdog, gyro, or any other specialty that catches your senses. If there is a line around the cart you can be sure the food is delicious.

Fine dining

If you’re looking for a more traditional food experience in New York you can have your pick at the high-end restaurants. New York has some amazing high-end restaurants you should visit. Jean-George, Momofuku Ko, Eleven Madison Park and The Spotted Pig are some of the best choices for fine dining. The edge New York has over other cities is its diverse population. People from different countries, cultures, with different eating habits, all came together in New York and it created a fertile ground for achieving amazing culinary highs. Eating in a high-end restaurant is an experience that starts as you walk through the doors and last long after you left and are still remembering the extraordinary meal you had.


If fine dining is your thing New York will have even more than you could think off to offer you. New York catering services have reached new heights and they keep rising. You can find a plethora of catering services that offer excellent food and drinks for your parties and celebrations. The best part about hiring a catering service is that many of them will also come up with the design and the idea for the gathering and make custom and unique menus for it. You don’t have to take your whole party to a restaurant anymore or worry about making the reservation, now you can bring the fine dining experience to the place to choose and enjoy it whenever you want to.

Outdoor food market

New Yorkers love their food so much they found a way to make a run of the mill flea market visit into a prime foodie experience. Outdoor food markets are the best places you can try authentic New York take on traditional food of countries far away. You can find fusion food you never thought to look for like Afghani-Brazilian dishes. You can have some traditional desserts like Greek crepes or Austrian croissants. Of course, Italian cannelloni is always a must. Whatever you feel like trying and indulging in a food flea market will definitely satisfy your needs. Just make sure to get there early and try as many dishes as you can.

New York has a lot to offer to foodies but what sets it apart from the rest is not the number of restaurants or food carts, it is the love that is put into every dish you will have there. It doesn’t matter if you are having a seven-course meal at a high-end restaurant of a pretzel from that food cart you passed by while exploring the city, you will have a meal prepared with care and you can always taste the difference.



Peter is a men’s lifestyle writer at Gentleman Zone High Street Gent magazine from UK. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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