Bitlens Studio & Anomaly’s Luxury Camping Pods

If you prefer the comfort of a swanky vacation rental to camping, a new innovation could make you rethink your idea of the perfect holiday. The last couple of years have seen some real changes in camping – one of the standout concepts in camping is in the form of a luxury camping pod.

The Luxury Camping Pods, conceived by Shanghai-based architectural firm and advertising agency Anomaly, are minimalistic pods that were designed after the Mini Cooper F60’s compact, round shape. Their sleek lines and form mimic that of the F60 Countryman.

These futuristic Pods are self-sustainable and feature weather-resistant material. This means that you can set them up anywhere you want. So, whether your idea of a great campsite is along a rugged coastline or surrounded by jungle vegetation, the Luxury Camping Pods will provide a comfortable camping experience even if the weather is less than ideal.

The Luxury Camping Pods feature a fully-equipped kitchen, living room that transforms into a bedroom at night and a full-sized bathroom. There is also a large wrap-around panoramic window so that you can take in your beautiful surroundings and connect with nature.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go camping in one of these pods just yet. The design is still a concept, and there is no word on whether or not it will ever be produced for sale. We certainly hope that Bitlens Studio and Anomaly decide to go ahead with the design. It’d provide the perfect weekend escape away from the city.

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