Airbnb Is Opening Its Own Apartment Building

Airbnb, is launching its own apartment building in Florida. This was possible with the partnership that Airbnb established with the real estate developer Newgard Development Group.

Based on The Financial Times, “Niido powered by Airbnb” – is a 300 apartment building that will be built in Kissimmee and will be owned by Newgard. These futuristic piece of art is going to feature key-less entry and storage options in order to give a peace of mind to the tenants that go away and rent their apartments to airbnbners. They will be allowed to sublet their apartments for up to 180 days per year.

The people who are renting out their apartments will be able to easily do it via an exclusive app. The accommodation for those who are going to rent is going to be similar to a serviced apartment, that has a host and cleaner on site. Furthermore, those who are intrigued of owning an Airbnb branded apartment, when they rent it the money will be divided into 3 groups; 25% for Newgard, 3% for Airbnb, and the rest for the tenant.

The company said that they are looking to build 2,000 branded buildings in the next two years. Well, that would be really awesome and unique. Let’s see how it goes.

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