Zanco Tiny T1 – The World’s Smallest Phone

Year by year all smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. While Apple has got its Iphones and Samsung has got the Galaxy Note with their big and beautiful displays Zanco came up with a tiny solution for calling and texting.

Zanco Tiny T1 may not replace our main smartphones but it is a great option for a secondary phone when you do not want to carry a large phone with you and travel light. The dimensions of the Zanco Tiny T1 are 46.7 x 21 x 12mm and weights 13 grams. Due to the small size of the phone the company claims that it is very useful for jogging, running, cycling, walking and any other extreme sports you might be doing because it can feet in any pocket you have got.

The Tiny T1 supports a single nano SIM that will work with any mobile phone network that still supports 2G. Other features of the phone are:

  • 300 Phonebook memory
  • Stores 50 SMS Messages
  • Stores the last 50 in or out numbers
  • 32RAM + 32ROM
  • 12.5mm OLED screen
  • Micro USB charger
  • 13 Voice changers

Through the Kickstarter campaign, the company has set a goal of $33,898 and it has currently accumulated the pledge of $202,016. The price tag is rumored at £39 in the U.K which converts to $50 in the U.S. and is expected to begin shipping in May 2018 across the world. Some might say that this is an amazing gift idea for all the gadget geeks who own everything else out there nevertheless I can not wait to get my hands on this or should i say my thumb.

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