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TwelveSouth is a company that designs amazing and beautiful products exclusively for Apple products since 2009. Since their first day Twelve South is dedicated to serve all the Apple fanatics and produce all sort of accessories that will accompany the amazing Apple products. We love how all their products give a unique personalisation to our beloved Apple gear.

How it all started

Back in 2009 Andrew Green and his wife Leigh Ann Green decided to set up the company in South Carolina with one goal in mind, that every Apple user should have the best deserved accessory to accompany it. Andrew at 41 years of age, which is a self taught graphic designer with experience from working at a company which made accessories for iPods and other electronics and Leigh Ann at 44 years of age with 15 years of experience in a wholesaling and merchandising design firm in New York used their connections in the industry and arranged a meeting with the Apple’s retail store buyers and that was the beginning of what is now known as an amazing company called Twelve South.

After the meeting going well Andrew and Leigh Ann flew to China to set up production. They made a big risk which eventually payed off by having their products in the Apple Stores. You can find their products on their own web site as well. We had the opportunity to get our hands on some of their amazing products listed down below:

The Curve stand for Macbook

The Curve stand for Macbook: This is by far the most beautiful stand i laid my hands on, after all a beautiful and attractive laptop as the Macbook deserves a good looking stand to go with it. The curve is made of aluminum with a beautiful matte black finish to it. The elevation it gives to your Macbook is ideal for you to use your external mouse and keyboard or to create the perfect dual-screen setup. Another benefit this stand has compared to other stands is that the elevation of the screen at 6.5 inches is tested for long hour sessions on your laptop without harming your neck. It also helps the laptop to have a better cooling through out your usage. As mentioned above Twelve South is known for their unique designs and the Curve stand is inspired from classic elements of architecture masterpieces like the Guggenheim and the Colosseum in Rome, so even without a laptop on the stand you would say that you have a piece of art for display.

The ParcSlope for Macbook and iPad Pro

The ParcSlope for Macbook and iPad Pro: Another stand option is the ParcSlope where you can place either your Macbook or even your iPad Pro. This kind of a hybrid stand elevates your laptop at a height where you can still use your keyboard and touch bar without the need of external ones which is the case with other stands that elevate your laptop higher. The height which the stand produces is also ideal for good cable management at the back. Now for all the iPad Pro users that have an artistic gift in them and want to pick up their Apple Pencil and draw something the ParcSlope is what you need. As painters use a tripod to keep their drawings at the height needed to draw so does the ParcSlope does for your iPad Pro. With the 18-degree angle that it gives to your iPad everything you do is even more comfortable and easy. It even has some space above your iPad Pro so that you can rest your Apple Pencil when you are not using it. Placing your Macbook or iPad Pro on the stand you won’t worry about it sliding off because of the well placed non-slip silicone lining. The ParcSlope is available in a silver colour and black matte.

MagicBridge for Magic Trackpad 2 & Keyboard

MagicBridge for Magic Trackpad 2 & Keyboard: So we talked about two awesome stands where you can place your laptop. Moving on to the peripherals, which is a keyboard and a mouse usually. Apple has their Magic Mouse which is known to everyone but they also have the Magic Trackpad that you can use asyour external mouse. This is where Twelve South comes in and brings the MagicBridge, which is a base that can hold your Magic Trackpad 2 but also your Magic Keyboard as well. It creates a one piece control surface which you can use either on your desk or even placing it on your lap while seating on your couch and still have full control of your Macbook. One thing that i love about the MagicBridge is the feature that allows me to place the MagicTrackpad on the left side since i am a lefty. The design of this product was carefully thought with all the necessary holes above, so that you can turn on and off the devices but also to plug them in when they need to be charged. The MagicBridge is made out of matte white polycarbonate which is the best material for the job. On the inside there are silicone pads to protect your devices, as well as silicone feet underneath to protect your desk and have a soft feeling when placed on your lap. I wonder how i lived without this amazing product up till now.

Bookbook CaddySack

Bookbook CaddySack: With technology moving at the speed of light, everyone these days are carrying with them a smartphone or a tablet or their laptop. What else is always necessary to be with you when carrying all of these? Well, their charging cables and because someone may carry a lot of devices with them what they need is the Bookbook CaddySack to keep their cables and charging bricks all in one place. With all the new laptops having even less ports to connect your devices you are forced to have an adapter and different type of cables with you. With the Bookbook CaddySack you can store all that you need for a business trip, or for you day to day usage. The pockets that are included inside are well designed to hold neatly your MacBook power adapter and the elastic bands any cable you wish to carry with you. As for the design, once again Twelve South comes up with a unique style that looks like a leather book. The Bookbook range of products, are probably the most popular series that Twelve South designed. I really like the way my Bookbook CaddySack sits on my library next to my books.

CableSnap Leather Cable Organizer

CableSnap Leather Cable Organizer: Cables cables cables. We all have an issue with keeping our cables organized and tidy behind our desk or when keeping them in our bag or even in our pocket. Well Twelve South have produced two sizes of the CableSnap, that will help us with all our cable management problems. You can snap together all your cables and protect them from tangles which might damage your cables as well and even destroy them. After all, most cables are really expensive to replace. The leather style on the CableSnap have Twelve South written all over them once again (that’s a good thing). The CableSnap Leather Cable Organizer comes in three colours: black, cognac and marsala.

These are just a few of the amazing products that Twelve South has to offer. Twelve South is growing by the day and produces more and more unique and amazing products to accompany your beloved Apple gear. You can check all of their products on the official website of TwelveSouth and place your order as well. I know that i am placing my next order just as soon I finish writing this article for you guys.

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