Sengled Element Classic A19 LED Smart Bulb Kit Review


In this day and age, turning your home, your apartment or your office into a smart place can be quite expensive and quite fast if you are looking into buying everything at once. Many people begin their Smart home journey by purchasing smart LED bulbs at first and continue from there. The product we are going to look at, if you haven’t guessed it already is Sengled Element Classic A19 Kit.

Sengled Element Classic A19 Kit is probably one of the most affordable smart LED bulb kit on the market, if not the most affordable, considering what you pay and what you get in return. The kit includes not just a connection hub but also comes with two smart led bulbs of high quality. Moreover, the company offers an app that allows you to control your smart bulbs throughout the whole house. It allows you to group bulbs by room to enable separate control within the app and mix and match up to 64 Element smart LED bulbs to create desired lighting effects. That’s a lot of bulbs! Additionally, the kit words with Amazon’s Alexa Voice assistant and Google Assistant.

The set up and the bulbs

The setup of the kit was pretty easy. First of all, we plugged the hub in the router. After that we downloaded the Sengled Element Home App for android phones which allows for a seamless connection between the hub and your phone. In case you own an apple device you can download the app from the Apple App store

Something that is worth mentioning Sengled, claims that will plant a tree for each light bulb you install in your home or office. They have a goal of planting up to 1 million trees because they actually believe in the environment. Not many companies out there have a moral like that and for that we admire them.

After downloading the app we connected the bulbs to their light stands and within minutes everything was connected, paired and ready to go. The light bulbs that are included in the Element Classic A19 Kit are rated at 650 lumens which is quite bright for a normal sized room. Otherwise, you are going to need around 3-4 bulbs for a bigger room; the good thing is that they include already 2 light bulbs in the kit and the single ones are not expensive to get.

Furthermore, the Sengled Bulbs have a socket base E26, are rated with 25,000 hours of lifetime and they come with a pretty generous 3 years warranty. The bulbs have a color tempterature of 2700k and are able to be dimmed via the application. Last but not least they come with an amazing CRI rating of 90+.

element_classic_a19_kit-review-gear-greedThe App

The Sengled Element Home App is one of the easiest, straight to the point applications out there. Using the app, all of you have to do is select the room that you have installed the bulbs and sync it. The hub covers a very wide range of the house and easily syncs with the phone and the bulbs.

The navigation of the application is super easy to navigate and you can easily identify with rooms have bulbs in them and if they are turned on or off. You can even dim each bulb individually even if they are in different parts of the house. Talking about full control. Good job Sengled.

Another feature that the app offers is that, it allows you to set-up and control different lighting schedules that are able to turn off and on your light bulbs at certain times that you set.

element_classic_a19_kit-review-gear-greedThe Verdict

Sengled Element Classic A19 LED Smart Bulb Kit is probably the most affordable and extremely easy way to make your home or office smarter when it comes to lighting. With a price point of $49.99 for the kit and only $10.00 per additional bulb what more can we ask for?

Basically for under $50, you get a complete smart light kit that includes two smart led bulbs and it comes with an amazing and easy to navigate application. You want to know the cherry on top?  Each bulb will have a cost of under $2 per year on your electricity bill. Now that’s big. Head over to the Sengled website and your kit before they run out.

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