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Apple has dominated the tech industry for so many years with their Macbooks, their iPhones and iPads and a lot of companies tried to accompany this amazing gadgets with the right accessories but Rain Design nailed it and have a big range of well designed products.

Rain Design was founded back in 2002 in San Francisco by a group of friends from different backgrounds that shared the same vision which was to create cool, original and user-friendly products for your Apple gadgets. They want to produce unique products that will hopefully bring a smile to your faces.

I believe that each and everyone of us has a desk setup with a pc or laptop at our home, if not then we have one at our work place. Here is where Rain Design comes in with their big range of stands that are what we are looking for, so that we can have a nice, clean and comfortable set up to work.

Recently i was looking to set up a new desk at my office and had the opportunity to try out some of Rain Design’s amazing products. So let me give you my opinion on some of their products:

The mStand 360

mStand 360: So lets begin with the mStand 360. I am currently rocking the new Macbook Pro in space grey and a stand was the first thing i needed for it on my desk. The mStand 360 was exactly what i was looking for, with the option of a space grey colour, to match my Macbook Pro. It is also available in silver and gold. You might have already guessed it that this is a stand that can turn all the way round 360 degrees. This is possible from the swivel base that it has which lets me share my ideas with my coworkers with just a push of my finger.

The mStand is made out of a solid single piece aluminum that provides stability for your laptop. The aluminum acts as a heat sink for your laptop as well and keeps it cool while working. The tilt design that it has helps for an improved airflow for your laptop. The height and tilt position of the laptop, when it is on the mStand, is the ideal one so that you can have good viewing angles of your screen without having any pain to your neck. The only thing that i won’t recommend is using the keyboard and mouse of the laptop while on the stand because it is not so comfortable and you might end up having wrist pains. But that is not a problem as such because you can connect an external keyboard and mouse with your laptop.

When you are done using your laptop there is even some space underneath the stand to store your keyboard. A good stand for your laptop is an essential product and i highly recommend the mStand 360, especially at this price point.

The mStand Tablet Pro

mStand Tablet Pro: Moving on to a product that i always carry with me every day, and that is my iPad mini. While setting at my desk i needed a stand for my iPad as well and Rain Design hooked me up with their best iPad stand the mStand Tablet Pro. With the mStand Tablet Pro you can adjust the height and angle, which supports your tablet. Basically is able to free up your hands and work comfortably while touching, swiping, typing on it or even just sitting back and enjoying a video or having a video call.

The stand is made out of aluminum that comes in three colours which are silver, gold and space grey so that you can match your iPad. I am currently using the stand with my iPad mini but with the adjustable base that it has you can fit any iPad model, even the iPad Pro. If you have an Apple smart cover or smart case there is no need to take it off because you can fit it on the stand as well.

As for the adjustable angle which your tablet has when placed on the stand, it varies from 0 to 45 degrees. You can just push or pull to change the angle of the tablet, and when you have the perfect angle for your use there is a lock hook on the back to secure the angle you selected. The stand has a cable outlet as well for easy cable management. The mStand Tablet Pro is the perfect addition to my new desk set up and if you are also looking for a tablet stand well, your search is over.

The iSlider

iSlider: Well this next product i can assure you that you will always find it with me everywhere I go and that is the iSlider. I got the iSlider for multiple reasons to use hence the portability that it has. It has a unique sliding design with 18 different angles to ensure you get the perfect viewing for your device. It can hold any 13 inch or smaller iPad models with their Smart Cover or Smart Case on them in portrait or landscape mode.

It can hold your smartphone as well which is what i am using it for when i place it on my desk. I even use it as a stand sometimes for my Nintendo Switch. The iSlider is made out of anodized aluminum and it is very slim and light weight.

I take it everywhere with me because it can easily collapse into a pocket-sized form factor that can even fit into your pocket. It comes with a small carrying bag for you to slide it in and keep it protected. A must have product for your daily use but also to have in your tech bag.

The iRest

iRest: This next product i mostly use when I am on my couch since this is its main usage. However, you can place it on your desk if you wish to. As most of Rain Design’s products the iRest is made out of anodized aluminum as well. It features an angle adjustment of up to 60 degrees so that you can get the precise viewing angle. You can easily adjust the angle with a simple push or pull.

When you place your tablet on it, it raises the screen by about 3 inches which helps with the viewing and it is easy on your neck. The iRest is compatible with any 13 inch iPad or smaller with or without having their Smart Cover or Smart Case on. So what makes this stand so unique and called the iRest?

Rain Design innovated and offered soft foam cushions on the bottom of the stand, so that it can be easily supported on your lap for hours while sitting on your couch or even while laying in your bed. With the soft foam cushions you can also place the iRest comfortably on any surface you want to. You can even remove them for an easier portable usage. Do not miss out on this unique and amazing stand for your long lazy hours on your couch or bed. You will always find my iRest stand placed on my couch or on my coffee table.

Rain Design has a big range of products which can accompany your laptop, tablets or smartphones. You can view and purchase what you need at the official website of Rain Design. As mentioned above, there goal is to produce cool, original and user friendly products for people to use and bring a smile to there faces. Well i can assure you guys that they surely achieved their goal and certainly put a smile to my face. Your true Apple friend.

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