Miniature Canon IV SB USB Drive For Sale

Canon has just launched a new USB drive that was inspired and designed to take you back to the 1950. How? They re-created the Canon IV SB rangefinder camera into a USB size. The USB has 8GB of storage and it measures 2.8×1.4×1.4 inches. The connector of the unit is slideable allowing it to go in and out of the camera. The mini lens on the front of the USB camera can even be removed to create a realistic aesthetic of the original design of the camera.

Canon mentions :

“This exclusive replica model honors the Canon IV SB rangefinder camera. Simply plug it into your Mac or PC device to keep your items safe and secure.”

Canon’s Australian online store has also added a disclaimer for those who might actually believe that this is a real camera: “Please note, this is not a functioning rangefinder.” Canon is selling the Canon IV USB drive exclusively on its online store for the really cool price of $80 USD.

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