Japanese Company Wants to Pay Employees in Bitcoin

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) will start paying partially it’s employees in Bitcoin. According to the cryptocurrency watches Coindesk with the launch of 2018, GMO Internet Group of Companies, will offer to its employees the ability to choose payments from ¥10,000 JPY ($88 USD) to ¥100,000 JPY ($881 USD) in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

They will also receive a complementary 10% extra of their salary if they decide to choose the Bitcoin path as an act of encouragement. GMO is doing this transition due to the fact that they are launching a new cryptocurrency mining operation early 2018 which will trade Bitcoin. The giant we call Bitcoin is rising in popularity and has people around the world paying for private schools or even buying homes and luxurious cars.

Furthermore, the world-known economist Robert Shiller is trying to prepare people and help them get aware that Bitcoin is what we call a “Bubble” and that is going to pop soon.

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