Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones – Hands On Review

With the summer coming soon even more people started to put on their training shoes and go for a workout. An essential accessory now a days are of course a pair of headphones or ear phones to listen to your favorite tunes to keep you motivated and pumped up though out your workout session. This is where we introduce to you the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless in-ear headphones. This are in our opinion one of the best in-ear wireless headphones out there to take with you daily for your work out sessions indoor or outdoor.

Design, Features and Comfort

So lets begin with the design of the Jabra Sport Pulse that we loved so much due to the short and tangle free cord that can lie behind your neck with a small clip that can raise the cord higher so it does not swing around. In the box you will find   a small, a medium and a large size of silicon gels that go on the ear cups as well all three sizes of comply foam tips for your better fitting. That is not all, they also include four different sizes of secure fit ear-wings so that you have an even greater fit and you won’t have to worry that they might fall off during your work out.

Continuing with the biggest feature of the Jabra Sport Pulse comparing to other in-ear wireless headphones is the heart-rate monitoring. Jabra packs an optomechanical sensor that shines a light inside your ear against the skin so that it can detect your pulse and oxygen consumption and generate a reading. Due to the small blood vessels packed in our ears we help the reading to be reliable. In a bold claim Jabra reckons that the readings are almost as accurate as the ECG machines that are used in hospitals.

All the important technology that is packed in the headphones can be controlled by the Sport button that is built into the outside of the left earbud. When using the accompanying app you can just press the Sport button and get a quick update on your work out progress, including the distance you have covered, the time of your run or workout, your heart rate and other useful tracking metrics. This is a very useful feature that will help you when you are in the middle of a run or your training and want to know all the above without having to reach out for your phone or look over at your armband or waist band unlike other competitor in-ear headphones.

Moving on to some standard functions you want to control without the need to get out your phone, such as turning the volume up or down and switching between tracks can be managed through the inline remote that is built into the cord up near the right earphone. You can also activate Siri if you are using an iPhone. The remote is positioned in an accessible place for an easy interaction. You will also find the USB charging port over on the right earbud under a silicone rubber hook.

Performance and Sound Quality

What everyone of you should be wondering and skeptical about buying the Jabra Sport Pulse wireless in-ear headphones is how well does the heart-rate feature works. We can assure you that the heart-rate monitoring is very accurate and works amazingly well. Once you connect them to a phone using bluetooth or NFC and set up the app a voice will let you know when your heart-rate begins tracking. If you take off the left earbud you will lose connection of your heart-rate tracking.

We had the opportunity to put the Jabra Sport Pulse heart-rate feature to the test against other professional heart-rating devices either watches or chest straps and the results we had where identical.

The only weak element we can say about the earphones is the short battery life but we can understand that this is a sacrifice we must accept due to the heart-rate technology that is built in, that is draining the battery’s life much faster. The approximate battery life you can get is between 4.5 to 5 hours.

Now the sound quality on this multifunction earphones is very good compared to other wireless earphones on the same price range. The bass level is on spot not to heavy but also not undetected, there is a decent detail and clarity on the sound of the music as well. Through out the Jabra Sound app you have the option to enhance the sound quality with Dolby high-definition which can give you a richer and more detailed sound. But even without changing any settings your music will still sound pretty well. If you like to focus even more on your work out and don’t want any distractions from anything around you they offer a great noise isolation as well.

Jabra Sport Life App

Usually when a product has a companion app you haven’t got a very good or easy time pairing it or using it. With the Jabra Sport Pulse in-ear headphones and the companion app the Jabra Sport life this isn’t the case. It is a beautifully designed app, lovely presented and not at all overwhelming when you first start using it. You can find the app for free on iOS and Android. Can lie to you but in my opinion the iOS version is more beautiful but the Android versions seems to have some features that the iOS app doesn’t seem to support.

The set up and pairing of the earphones is quite easy once you download the app. You might have to download the Jabra services app as well but that won’t take long. Once you download the app you will be asked to fill in the usual fitness requirements such as name, age, weight and height. When all this is done you can go on with the tracking.

On the main screen of the app you can see the time and metrics you want to monitor as well if the earphones are connected at time being. Before starting a work out you can choose the activity type which are cycling, walking, running, hiking, skating and skiing. There is also treadmill support if you are working out in a gym.

You are able to set targets for your training based on things like distant, time or calories that you want to burn through out your training session.

When you get everything in place and set up you just hit the start button and a 10  second countdown will begin. While working out you can interact with the app by swiping left to access your music from the iTunes on the iOS version or by swiping right to view your data.

You can view your post- work out results once done and by swiping down you can see a graph of your heart-rate during your work out. All work out are stored and can be viewed by pressing on the Jabra logo along with other personal achievements.

If your are already using a third-party fitness app you might pair it with the earphones if you don’t want to switch to the Jabra Sport Life app.

The Verdict

The Jabra Sport Pulse wireless in-ear headphones have many wonderful features at a very good price range with the heart-rate monitor being an extra reason to get yourself a pair right now from the official website of Jabra. Adding the very good sound quality, the comfortable fit and short cord that hangs behind your neck all the gym-goers and runners must add this to their arsenal.

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