Jabra Move Wireless Headphones Review


Every single person who owns a pair of headphones has been used in wires when using a quality pair of headphones, but there is a new trend since the beginning of 2015. The introduction of truly wireless headphones and earbuds available to the market. The only limitation that had everyone think twice before purchasing a pair was the price factor. Well, as we’ve seen in another article, Jabra is one of the cheaper brands out there  that stands behind its products and doesn’t compromise sound quality. If you are interested in reading our review about the Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones you are more than welcome to do so.

With a new price tag of $69 (£49, AU$88), the Jabra Move Wireless Headphones, come out bring to the market a one of a kind pair of quality headphones that can’t be beaten at that price point. *side note: They used to be $99 which again is amazing if you take into account the quality.


We begin with a dirt-resistant mesh fabric that surrounds the headband. That fabric is quite breathable and it has just enough padding to stay on the comfortable side and the same time to reduce the weight of the headband. That’s why the Jabra Move wireless headphones falls under the lightweight category of headphones.

Moving on, the stainless steel spine that they implement in the headband offers extremes durability without reducing the flexibility. Honestly we were amazed by the flexibility that these headphones offer. The sides again, are made from stainless steel that enhances the strength and the support. Between the sidearms you can see a very neat cable that is almost flush with the sides and goes directly into the ear-cups. The attention to detail is something we really like and the Jabra Move Wireless won us over by that little cable.

Each earcup is coated in a black, bold matte-textured plastic which is kind of shaped like a cone speaker. There is an indication as to which side is left and which is right so you can wear them properly, although it doesn’t affect the fit at all, nor the sound quality. It only depends on the side you would like to have the controls.

On the right ear-cup you will find the Bluetooth Discovery switch alongside the micro USB for charging the headphones. On the left side, a 3.5mm headphone jack input is found on the bottom of the ear-cup and is used for wired listening, in case your battery runs out or in case you feel like listening wired. On the same side the primary controls of the headphones are housed there. The multi-function button which controls the play and pause functions, the voice control and some basic phone controls are all tidy placed on the left side of the pair. Moreover, the volume rockers when pressed longer act as navigation to either skip or backtrack to a previous song.

In general, design wise Jabra Move Wireless headphones have a sleek, fashionable and appealing design that is hard to find, even in more expensive headphones. How do they sound though?


As mentioned earlier, the Jabra Move Wireless headphones doesn’t have any problem when it comes to sleek design and beauty. The question is, how does it perform? The answer to that question is thankfully positive. These headphones provide a rich sound alongside a handful of features and of course an amazing battery life. All these enclosed in a super light package.

Some people might say that due to the small factor that the Jabra Move wireless has are not good. But that is an understatement, something that is not even close to the reality. These on ear headphones feature small speakers that are providing a surprising sound quality and performance. We have tested these headphones in a variety of songs and of all them came out sharp, crispy or with a punchy bass. The sound performance capabilities of the Jabra Move Wireless for the amazing price of $69 is unbeatable.

Furthermore, the biggest factor that came as a shock to me apart from the amazing sound quality, was the weight. The Jabra Move Wireless are the kind of headphones that once you place them on your head, you forget that are there. They create a musical atmosphere for you that feels like your life is a movie; all of that due to the weight and sound performance.
The exceptional battery life is exactly what the company is claiming of. Managed to get 8 hours of battery life within a day and i repeated that for a few days. Super satisfied with the battery life. The charging? Quite fast to be honest.
Regarding the call quality, we made a few test calls to check whether is good or not and to our surprise it ticks that box as well. Not very loud nor very quite. The caller was happy with the quality and the receiver couldn’t tell the difference in terms of quality.

The Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

For under $100 and more specifically $69, you shouldn’t expect much from a pair of headphones. Although Jabra is changing the game of the Bluetooth headphones and honestly we are super amazed by what we get for what we pay for. A truly amazing bargain. To sum it up, you get: super snappy Bluetooth connection, amazing sound quality and a feather-light, sleek, fashionable design.

For those who are greedy, (most of us) the only thing that is missing from these headphones is the noise cancelling feature, which is usually found in headphones at 3x times the price of the Jabra. However, that’s not a bad thing, the Jabra Move Wireless is one of the most feature full headphones we have tested around here.

Don’t let the price fool you. We are talking about a product that cannot be beaten at that price point. We recommend it with our eyes closed. A stellar product with an excellent performance and an edgy design for those who are looking for Wireless headphones.

Grab the Jabra Move Wireless Headphones from the Official Website before it’s too late.

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