Five Reasons Why OnePlus 5T is Better Than iPhone X

2017 is the big year for all the technological innovations, plenty of new technologies popped out from various parts of the world. In the mobile manufacturing industry, manufacturers brought amazing and advanced tech features successfully integrate them into the mobile gadgets like NFC, Face recognition, VR capabilities and achieved higher operating speed with latest chip technologies. Apple’s iPhone X broke all benchmark records and scored top rank in benchmarks. However, recently OnePlus released “OnePlus 5T” devices with killer specs at the budget-friendly cost. The OnePlus 5T is well received well and got enough positive feedback from top tech reviewers and tech geeks from the industry. In this article, we are going to explain the five reasons why OnePlus 5T is better than iPhone X.

Face Recognition

OnePlus has done an amazing job in the device security by adding facial recognition in the OnePlus 5T. We have seen that iPhone X was brutally trolled for its Face ID failures. In recent news, iPhone X has failed to differentiate the twins and unlocked the device for both, in another YouTube video the iPhone X was unlocked by a kid whose facial structure is similar to her mom’s. So, does the iPhone X’s FaceID really provide security? But in case of OnePlus 5T, it’s insanely faster than iPhone X in unlocking the device. Youtubers claim that it’s 10X faster than the faceID on iPhone X.


This biggest change that occured after the release of the One Plus 5 last June,is that the display makes you feel like it’s a brand new premium device. It’s got a huge 6 inch 1080p AMOLED Display in the front with 80% body-to-screen ratio which appears as the screen is up to every corner of the device, even on the top and bottom. The screen resolution may not appear premium but considering the battery life and performance, it doesn’t give that feel. The screen is way better than the other device, it gets brighter when in bright outside conditions to give you a more flexible viewing experience.


OnePlus 5T built in Uni-body design which is an industry standard now, the fingerprint scanner moved to the back which is great for any mobile user to unlock quickly. The position of the scanner is perfect to reach because it placed where our finger rests naturally. Its ceramic, posh look and strong plastic and exceptionally clicky buttons.

As a bonus, in several water-resistant tests conducted by tech reviewers the OnePlus 5T has managed to perform really well under the tests even though the company never claimed it as a water-resistant device.


OnePlus 5T comes with dual camera setup, 16MP + 20MP with f/1.7 lens which is focused on low light photography. The images taken with the more expensive iPhone X almost looks identical to the images taken with the budget ranged phone OnePlus 5T. OnePlus used intelligent pixel technology to get better low light photographs which we applaud them for that.

Headphone jack & Lot more unchanged stuff

OnePlus doesn’t change much from its previous devices which is essential for its users, like the price range. It’s a great piece of work at this price range. They somehow managed to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack in the device even with an advanced slim design. Packed with the Oxygen OS which is very similar to stock Android, under the hood configurations, a new chipset, no major UI changes and managed to bring it out at a similar price range with the previous model.  The price range of the OnePlus 5T is a lot better than any iPhone out there!!! Isn’t it? What do you think about it, let us know about your opinion by commenting below.

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