Best Smartphones of 2017

Today we are going to discuss and explain our top smartphones picks that were available for 2017. There were a lot of phones released over the course of this year, from different manufacturers in different styles and different price ranges with different features and all kind of stuff.

This article or guide, however you call it is the best way to figure out the best of the BEST of what’s come out in the last 12 months. Lets take a look at the best smartphones of 2017.

The way we are going to do it, is that we are going to declare in each category a winner and then if there are some other good ones we can declare a second-place runner-up which is also really good in that category and then maybe some honorable mentions that deserve to be mentioned in this article. At the very bottom of the article you will find a pricing guide for easy access on secure websites such as amazon to get any of the mentioned smartphones.

Best Big Smartphone of 2017.

Big smartphones keep getting bigger every year and there’s almost no way around that even with the shrinking bezels. We are mostly big phone people over here at Geagreed and we are not going to lie about it. The reason we mention this is because we want you to know that if there are two versions of a specific smartphone we will definitely pick the bigger version or XL version or the PLUS version. Reason is, these phones are going to be the best phones, the phones that take the most advantage of having a larger amount of space, bigger displays, bigger batteries, bigger and better features therefore the winner for this category is going to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does it all and it’s been a kind of a stable big phone for a while in the Samsung lineup. The biggest reason we usually want a big phone is for the big screen. The Note 8 has that it’s the best display on any phone. It has a pretty big battery, it has big optically stabilized dual cameras, it has a big stylus for those who are into that big specs and of course big software features to take advantage of being such a large phone.

Although there is a runner up in this category and that came from actually a pretty new player in the industry of smartphones. It’s as new as you can get because they exist in the field for the first time this year and they happen to do a really good job of taking advantage of so much space in a phone and that’s no other than the RAZER Smartphone.

The Razer phone is an awesome use of being big in a world of super thin bezels. This phone is bigger than normal and shamelessly keeps the huge bezels and inside them it fits some huge speakers which are pretty much the best-in-class. It also happens to have a huge 4000Mah battery and it doesn’t have quite as many big screen features as a Samsung phone, or doesn’t have as much split-screen multitasking fun and it doesn’t have a stylus and all that stuff but it’s just a good use of space in the hardware department for being such a big phone. The next category we are going to check out is:

The Best Compact Smartphone of 2017.

There are not many compact phones these days and they are less popular because phones keep getting bigger and bigger every year but for us the definition of compact is the one that keeps as many flagships features as possible in a small package. The winner in this category is going to be the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 is a legit flagship to a lot of people and it has all the highest end specs and almost every single feature of the iPhone 8 plus. The only thing that is missing from its bigger brother is the dual cameras. So due to the fact that has the majority of the features of the iPhone 8 plus and its in a smaller size it takes the win easily. Also, if you are a small hands person and if you want the lightest smallest device possible, iPhone 8 is going to do that for you. It might have gotten overshadowed by the slightly bigger iPhone 10 (iPhone X) and even bigger iPhone 8 plus but if you’re looking for obviously a great camera a pretty solid IPS display if you’re still into the fingerprint reader on the front touch ID which is still extremely fast then this thing is complete.

However, if you’re looking for the runner-up in this category which we believe is a no-brainer of a smartphone because it is a slightly bigger phone but still one that keeps all the flagship features of its Big Brother that would be the Pixel 2.

The biggest complaint for the iPhone 8 is that you don’t get the better camera of iPhone 8 plus but on the Pixel 2 you get the exact same camera of the Pixel 2 XL. Yes, it might be a bit boxy and has a little bit bigger bezel but you still get front-facing speakers, you still get a great display and you still get all the same specs and features as you do on the bigger phone so this is another smaller version of a phone that does all the same things as its bigger brother. It might even have a better screen than the XL.

Moreover, another honorable mention in this category would be the Samsung Galaxy S8 for being by far the best designed compact phone. The s8 plus is the bigger brother but you still get the infinity display and of course all the same specs as the s8 plus in this smaller phone so again, if you’re into smaller phones but you want all the features of the bigger brother the Samsung Galaxy S8 is another awesome phone to get. Moving on to the next category which is:

The Best Camera Smartphone of 2017.

This category was a good year for the cameras. Most people take most of their photos in their life with their smartphones therefore that a very critical aspect to consider when you are buying a smartphone. The winner of this year in this amazing and hard to compete category due to the amazing images it produces and the fact that we fall in love with the quality is none other than the Google Pixel 2. Google Pixel 2 was an easy win because the photos and videos from this bad boy are ridiculous from pixel to pixel. It excels awesome dynamic range, sharpness, fast focus image stabilization, awesome low-light performance. Basically, it’s pretty much great at everything and it’s just super easy to use. On top of all that, the portrait mode is incredible with the front facing camera. We’ll leave it at that because we don’t want to start talking indefinitely about it, so just know that the Pixel 2 takes the best photos you can get on any smartphone at the time this article is written.

The runner-up in this category is the iPhone X due to its 240 frames per second slow motion high quality 1080p video. This comes from the dual optical image stabilized camera and honestly it crashes the competition when it comes to slow motion video. Despite its exposure problems, the iPhone 10 (iPhone X) has the best colors on any smartphone. If we could combine the Pixel 2 image processing, dynamic range, portrait mode, sharpness and detail with the colors of the iPhone X it would have been an unforgettable experience and one to be easily remembered. Next category is:

The Best Budget Smartphone of 2017.

In this category we will decide the winner based on the most smartphone for the least amount of money. Everyone has a different definition of a budget and what is considered “cheap” for everyone but, whatever way you look at it the smartphone with the most bang for the buck and for the least money is the 1+5T (One Plus 5T). The reason is that for the price this thing really is a flagship smartphone. Starting from the all-metal build design, the thin bezels, the dual cameras, the high-end specs. It rocks 8GB of RAM and it’s not skipping anywhere. It even has a headphone jack. It’s the year that smartphones cost from $700-$1000 the One Plus 5T does almost everything than everyone else is but for a starting price of $499. This is the sole reasons that we give the win to this amazing smartphone. Although, many people are going to think that $499 is not quite what is considered low budget and we agree because cheap is different from everyone therefore we are giving the runner-up to the Moto G5 Plus.

The Moto G5 Plus is the best phone you could get for under $300; In fact, is even closer to $200. An honorable mention goes to the Huawei Honor 7X for the price-to-performance ratio. We are going to repeat ourselves by saying that good phones are getting cheaper and cheaper every year.

Yes, we do get $1000 phones every year but every year cheaper phones are becoming better in every aspect and closer to the flagship performances while maintaining their low pricing. Continuing to the:

The Best Battery Life Smartphone of 2017.

For this category, we looked for the phones that had the longest lasting battery, that will last an entire day of heave use. Heavy use we consider the long screen on times, a lot of data usage and basically using the phone constantly. Another aspect we considered is that we wanted to check which one we would be able to take off the charger early in the morning and not plug it again until late of that night with no issues. The winner in this category is again the Razer Phone. Another winning place for the new comer of 2017 smartphone.

They made a great use of the available space in that big chassis by using a 4000 Mah battery and it showed that It can last a really long time. The phone was built entirely about gaming, that’s why we can see 8GB of RAM, big speakers and huge battery. Even if you are not gaming all the time Razer Phone still has a huge battery which means it can last almost forever if you are not gaming.

Two phones which deserve the runner-up position is the Pixel 2 again for the huge battery and that amazing OLED display as well as the amazing stock Android. The other phone is none other than the iPhone 8 plus which is still the king of standby time, adding the huge battery makes it even cooler. The iPhone users will know what we are talking about. Next we are going to see the:

The Best Design Smartphone of 2017.

The design of the phones has evolved over the years from crazy designs, to most rugged designs. This year the best combo of design and built goes to another newcomer smartphone and that is the Essential Phone. This one was one of our most favorite and most polarizing phones of the year. Earlier this year, when it came out it fell short in the camera and battery department but now that they’ve dropped the price and fixed the issues is a true bargain. It’s one of the best-looking phones that came out and worth the price. It’s made out of ceramic back, titanium sides and the amazing super thin bezels.

The runners-up in this category is none other than the iPhone X for getting rid of the home button, and for getting rid those huge chin bezels. The notch didn’t bother us too much and we got used it to really quickly.

The removal of the home button is a major step and that’s the reason they are included in this category. Another runner-up is the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus for the super clean design which not everyone’s favorite thing, the curved edges. We believe it’s super clean and not easy to argue how gorgeous it looks. Our next category is one that might interest a few of you but not the majority:

The Worst Smartphone of 2017.

The smartphone that deserves this title is the HTC U Ultra. We don’t really want to spend time giving this phone any value just know that it lacks on everything, from the design, to the performance, to its price and its camera.

Biggest smartphone comeback of 2017.

This title will go easily to the HTC U11, from the sweet color-changing back which we really liked. The phone featured a much better camera than the previous phones in this price range, had a really nice display and a nice software experience. Another great feature was the pressure-sensitive sides that are used to launch something on the phone. This feature is going to be seen later in the Pixel 2. The last and final category we are going to check out is:

The Best Smartphone of 2017.

There can only be one that makes the difference, one that has that extra touch of awesomeness. Pixel 2 had its moments, its highlights, LG V30 is probably the underrated smartphone, One Plus 5T did some awesome things this year, even the Huawei Mate 10 Pro was a sleek super-fast phone. Nonetheless, there is only one that we can see as a complete phone of the year. That phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is the most complete smartphone that came out this year. The only issue we faced with it, and it’s not that important is the placing of the fingerprint sensor. It’s not that important because that is a nitpick for many people. Everything else about it screams awesomeness.

First of all it is waterproof, it still maintains a headphone jack, it has a stylus, it has a huge battery life, it has a great software experience, it has the best screen on any smartphone, the dual cameras on the back are both optically image stabilized, it sports lots of Ram, a super-fast processor, expandable storage and the list goes on. It’s an expensive phone around the $1000 mark which is not for everyone, but if you truly want a phone that has everything you might think of then the Note 8 is the phone to get. It’s a much better experience than the Note 7 considering what happened last year. If Samsung could move that fingerprint sensor below the camera in their next line of Galaxy phones that would be a dream come true. Second place for the best smartphone of 2017 goes to the Pixel 2 XL due to the best camera, the super-fast Android updates and the awesome front-facing speakers. An honorable mention will go to the iPhone X for finally changing what it means to have an iPhone (an old looking phone without any design updates) but this year they re-designed the whole iPhone experience so congratulations for that.

2017 was not a bad year for the smartphone category and if you ask us the smartphones of this year, low budget or high budget will have everything you may ask for and a bit more. Some are going to have better displays and some will have better cameras or speakers. We look forward for 2018 and we are expecting a lot of innovation and upgrades to go into the new series of smartphones. If you have a friend or a relative who is looking to buy a smartphone we believe this guide is going to help them easily decide what to buy before they throw their money away.

From everyone here at Geargreed this was a pleasure and hope that you too find it useful.

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