We live in a world that technology is becoming extremely affordable in some cases and some cases is not. Many people believe that all PC Gamers have available budgets to get the latest state-of-the-art huge curved OLED gaming monitor in order to satisfy their gaming needs or their gaming expectations. The thing is, that is not even close to the truth or even the reality.

The majority of gamers, usually have a standard sized monitor (24″-27″ is the normal at the moment) to enjoy their gaming. Some others who are a bit more fortunate, have two or three monitors, in order to create or even to replicate a wide immersive screen. Reason being since they can’t afford the latest state-of-the-art technology in terms of displays they can get the next closest product available. That’s all good, but they are facing a small and for some BIG problem. What is this you might ask? The huge fat bezels between the screens. Not only they are an eyesore to look at but they are also not very functional. Asus realized that this was a big problem in the gaming market and they came up with a solution. A solution that will put a smile on many unhappy faces. The solution they came up with is their latest Rog Bezel-Free Kit.

The Rog Bezel-Free kit concept is that is able to camouflage the bezels between the screens. What does that mean, is that ASUS is putting an end to that hideous eyesore that the bezels of the screens were creating when they are side by side. This is able thanks to ASUS engineering team. They produced thin lenses that are attached between the area where the screens meet. These lenses features PMMA (PMMA is a transparent thermoplastic) that offers optical micro-structures which are able to refract light while bending it inward in order to hide the bezels of the monitors.

They allow 90% of the light that the monitors produce to bleed on the bezel resulting into an optical illusion. The bleed of the light makes you believe that there is no gap between the monitors, rather a unified screen that goes all the way to the other side. The best part? This technology doesn’t have any electronics inside, no cables, not even batteries. It’s a super simple solution that they came up with in order to fix a major annoying problem. And guess what? It actually works! This amazing piece of technology was showcased at this years CES show and we are hoping that it goes into full production by the end of 2018, in order to put our hands on it. Way to go ASUS, good job.


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