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Shopping is not the same as it used to be. You spend many hours walking, spending many hours at the mall. Trying to hunt down the most unique pieces in the ghetto or hipster areas of your town just to look unique and cool. However, those days are long gone. We are now in the century where there are a ton of online clothing stores that men can enjoy at the comfort of their couch and with their finger tips. Welcome to the era of online shopping.

Due to the huge expansion of online clothing stores it’s really hard to identify which are good, which are legit and which are not fakes. Here at Geargreed we care about our readers, therefore we decided to dig deep, identify and narrow down the best online clothing stores for men that are available out there. We have included direct to consumer brands and brands that are only available online. Reason being these websites, or these brands offer a much better quality for your money. They are the cherry on top of the cake. We do believe in these websites, we have used them many times in the past and we support them.

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Aether Apparel is a brand that is building apparel that’s sleek functional and not strictly limited to either the outdoors or the boardroom, but rather both. A tough undertaking without a doubt, but after nearly a decade, this reliable brand that owns up to their high-quality jackets, base layers, shirts, pants, sweatshirt, bags, and gear continues to live on and thrive in an ever-changing and demanding landscape.



Can’t go wrong with an American-made brand born and raised in rural Americana. Meaning, you can’t go wrong with American Giant. Innovative in their design principles, they not only invest in quality-built clothing out of their Middlesex, North Carolina headquarters but also they work to improve upon already accepted and loved American classics. Basically they are not trying to reinvent the wheel. What’s left is a diverse portfolio of shirts, outerwear, bottoms, and accessories from which to choose. Putting America to work making American clothing.  Let’s talk about some patriotism.



Here’s what happens when a few fashion-forward devotees ship a few containers of vintage clothing from Marseille to Los Angeles with the intention of rebooting American clothing with a bit of a European push into modernity. American Rag, in their efforts of world curation, work no matter what to pay homage to their California roots,  because that is what American Rag looks after.



If pure expressionism was taken to a tailor and personified into modern clothing, Asos would be the result. Here, the branding house and curated shop builds apparel, gear, and footwear for the bold and non-judgmental individual looking for new ways to express themselves via their wardrobe. Bright, bold, and modern is the name of the game with Asos, and with it comes millions of kindred spirits along for the ride. What that means is Asos, is not only promoting their own branding but many, many, many other known brands as well.



Just a bit over 10 years ago, BlackBlue’s main store was opened with a charm in the historic Cathedral Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Since those early beginnings, they’ve notably expanded into curators of a wide selection of tried and purely unique pieces of clothing. What do they offer? Canvas, denim, leather, and wool presented in their more natural and iconic states that will only grow more handsome with age.



With over 30 stores located across the country and a dominant online presence, it’s safe to say that what started as an endeavor to build the perfect pair of pants has exploded into a full-on lifestyle. At least that’s the Bonobos story, what’s left is a killer online store with a myriad of fine apparel items to choose from while a personal fashion guide will personally walk you through the location to help find you the perfect fit. Talk about first class service.



There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an American classic. Which is probably why Buck Mason has remained on our radar since they first came into existence back in 2013 when two neighbors from Venice, California decided to set up shop in a 350-square-foot garage off Abbot Kinney Boulevard. They’re now a digitally native brand with shops in LA and NYC — specializing in pared-down classic clothing, that’s minimal, American-made, and comfortable as can be.



Initially based out of Madison, Wisconsin, Context Clothing is a causal workwear, boot, and denim outlet that houses reliable legacy brands in addition to newcomers to the scene. We’re talking the likes of Thorogood, Filson, Aiden Shoes, Shockoe, Pure Blue Japan, and many others to get you outfitted like you mean business all year long. It’s the reliability you get from brands you trust and the selection to please thanks to expert curators in the business.



If you’re plugged into the fashion world at all, odds are you’re familiar with Shop Bop. Even though it’s a women’s site, the sheer presence this online marketplace had should have been a harbinger for the 2013 launch of the brother site, East Dane. Now, just five years later, the brand which is a subsidiary of Amazon  is clearly here to stay. Offering up a thorough approach to men’s fashion, the combination of heritage brands and new names to the fashion world makes them a style-centric house of curators adhering to the merits of confidence and quality construction.



Sometimes transparency is key. And that’s exactly what Everlane looks to accomplish on a daily basis. Here it’s ethically sourced clothing made in factories where workers earn fair wages, work reasonable hours, and function in a safe environment. As for the clothing, the detail is made as apparent in their offerings as their dedication to minimalism. Because when you have high-quality clothing that boasts a modern look and can stand on its own, what else it there?



We all could use a personal stylist from time to time, as much as we don’t want to admit it. That’s where Frank And Oak comes into play. They are functioning not only as an online store for men but also as a reliable subscription box brand delivering the latest in clothing right to your doorstep every month based on your personal preferences. The best part? it’s completely noncommittal. Meaning, feel free to try on what’s in the box and send back what you don’t like without worry. Easy right? And you never even have to step foot in a department store.


Tailored suits are two things: difficult and expensive. Luckily Indochino offers up their handy made-to-measure initiatives that take key measurements and build you a one-of-a-kind suit for a fraction of the tailored price. It’s a fantastic system the doesn’t compromise on quality or craftsmanship but rather promising high-quality garments made from the likes of cashmere and wool without breaking the bank. Plus, for the more casual dresser, they’ve recently broken into the world of Chinos.


Take everything you know and love about an online department store and replace the silly with the sleek and fashion-forward and you’ll come pretty close to Mr. Porter. But not quite, because no one can do precisely what Mr. Porter does. For many it’s not just an online men’s shop. They call it lifestyle. Most recently, Mr. Porter also dipped their toes into the textile world. Not surprisingly, their Mr. P collection is a fine effort indeed, paying homage to the brands they clearly know and love but with their own secret sauce.



Based out of good old Richmond, Virginia, this modern minimalist streetwear specialist functions as the keeper of cool in the world of hip releases. We’re talking the likes of Common Projects, Acne Studios, Norse Projects, and Saturdays NYC. Always at the ready for the taking and always on display at their flagship location in RVA, this is where you can get your hands on just about any modern brand suited for the dedicated hypebeast. Best of all, they also release seasonal drops of their very own apparel for the taking. And you best believe it falls in line with their curated talent.



Whether you’re a believer or not, the proof is out there. We continue to destroy our planet with non-recyclables. And what doesn’t end up in a landfill somewhere eventually makes its way into our oceans. Enter Outerknown, the sustainable men’s apparel brand specializing in everything from chinos to hoodies. They are built responsibly from recycled materials in their effort to act as part of the solution, not the problem.



Partly high fashion, partly surf brand, partly periodical. Saturdays NYC is a Big Apple brand at its finest, breaking the boundaries of what is, in fact, beach-inspired apparel because guess what; New York has beaches too. They are by far a unique branding house, to say the least, and release clothing that borders on the verge of vintage/modern but with a twist that’s unmistakably Saturdays. It’s magical.



Take rural Americana, city living, and let them spin out of control in a wonderful tango of two and you’ll have Stag Provisions. With several brick and mortar locations across the country and a highly sufficient online presence, these individuals know how to curate gear and apparel that checks off both virtues of form and function. From boots to jean jackets to Stetson hats, if it’s in muted vogue and well-made, you’ll find it here. Happy hunting.



In a world where less is more, Standard & Strange champions the idea that comfort surpasses flair. It’s this pared-down western vibe that strikes a chord with us so dearly. Well that, and the fact that their lineup of gear and apparel is one that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Meaning, if you’re into work boots, well-crafted denim, leather goods, and outerwear, you’ll feel right at home landing on this online men’s shop.



Don’t let the name fool you. There’s so much more here than just suits for men. In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Instead, you need to realize that that any-and-everything from vests to button down and casual shirts to knits and shoes are present in their inventory. They’re strength lies in the simple formula where a straight-to-the-point and personal attitude weighs heavy on the scale of success. Just give them a look for yourself to find out.



Just as there’s something to be said about the sleek modern apparel, there’s just as much value in timeless style. Enter Supply & Advise, your one-stop-shop for all things classic and rugged. It’s all thanks to a dedicated few who curate the best apparel, footwear, and accessories that fall in line with their particular vibe. We’re talking vintage military and work wear, classy suits, and all-around masculine gear. It’s probably why they call themselves the “outfitters of days long gone.”



Responsibly built clothing doesn’t wear out. Neither does Taylor Stitch. For the craft and care that these guys put into every article of clothing they release; from a classic tee, outerwear, henley, or leather jacket, wears in over time and becomes part of you, part of your lifestyle. Voyagers of freedom if you will, their outerwear, bottoms, and basic necessities are meant for the long haul as they say. They are utilizing recycled and regenerative fibers whenever possible in the manufacturing process.



A formidable name in the fashion world, Todd Snyder has worked tirelessly to stamp his name on just about every piece of apparel out there. They are working in collaboration with quite a few brand names in the process. Now, while some of us would shake our head, what we respect so much about the brand is its consistency. There’s something to be said about that, especially when you’re responsible for all manner of clothing, suits, and accessories the world over. Impressive.



It was back in 2009 when SF-based Unionmade sought out the impossible task of curating hard-to-find goods to elevate every guy’s wardrobe. Little did they know, how successful their endeavors would be over the next decade. Now, as an online powerhouse in the boutique clothing space, Unionmade carries the finest in men’s casual and professional clothing out of their physical store and their online shop. Clothing meant to last a lifetime. It’s simple really; if they wouldn’t wear it, they’re not selling it.



Based on the Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity, Uniqlo designs their clothing to be timeless pieces of apparel built for everyday wear without breaking the bank. They offer modern-fitting clothing that ranges from t-shirts to outerwear, peppering in the notions of innovation, warmth, lightness, and design to the recipe as well. No wonder they’ve grown from a singular store to an international powerhouse. Guess their motto of “lifewear” caught some attention after all.



From the city of San Francisco comes a two-fold men’s shop that 1) carries some of the best newcomers to the men’s fashion scene and 2) offers some of the best California fashion around. It’s all thanks to their in-house brand and the expert curators and buyers behind the scenes who work to make the magic of Welcome Stranger become reality. Minimalist, modern, design-forward. What’s not to like about these guys?

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