Kanye West’s YEEZY Season 6 Posters Appear Worldwide

The Artist Kanye West and his team are using every possible aspect of the world as their drawing board, their canvas. They are using every possible thing they can to promote the famous shoes YEEZY. Specifically the latest promotion of Yeezys is happening in, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Amsterdam and Berlin.

After they rolled out YEEZY Season 6 in a very different and very unique way, Kanye West filled out some of the biggest and most populated cities in the world with printed posters of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account wearing the amazing shoes.

The cities mentioned above have taken an extreme makeover from YEEZY in a very original and unique way called “Guerrilla marketing campaign fashion”. Below you can see images of the print-outs that are covering every area of the five cities mentioned above. The images were discovered by First discovered by the TeamKanyeDaily twitter feed:


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