Smart Look Guide: How To Wear Dress Shoes With Jeans

Dress to impress

Whatever your everyday fashion style is, there will always be occasions when you need to put on a smart, casual look! Be it an interview, a date, an event, or getting dressed for work, wearing a dress shoe with a pair of jeans is the right way to capture the look you want.

Here are some basic tips to wear your dress shoes with jeans, the right way!

1. Your dress shoe type


There are many different types of dress shoes out there, so whether you own one already or are considering buying a new pair, it is a good idea to know which dress shoe goes better with jeans.

The Derby style dress shoe is a nice choice for a more casual look and are perfect to match with chinos or rolled jeans.
You can also wear a pair of Blucher or Loafer dress shoes and achieve the same smart look.

2. The type of jeans


All jeans are casual, that’s true, but some are dressier than others. Choose a a slim or regular cut jeans that fit well in the waist, not too long and a little narrower towards the ankle. A dark indigo jeans goes well with a brown dess shoe, while black jeans looks amazing with a brown or a black pair.

When opting for a smart look, always avoid faded wash, ripped, low waist baggy, or distressed jeans because these are too casual and will never give you the smart look you want. 

3. The rest of your outfit still matters

A well fitted dress shirt is your best choice to finish the look. A t-shirt or a sweatshirt just won’t do.

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