BOHEMPIA – Sustainable shoes made from Hemp

Shoes are a necessity in our daily lives. Therefore we all like our shoes and even our clothes to be strong, comfortable and sustainable. That’s a very hard thing to find in this day and age where most of the brands sell low quality products for a high price tag. However, the folks over at BOHEMPIA have a different mentality and a different strategy. They produce products that are strong, comfortable and at the same time sustainable because they are using hemp.

Hemp is one of the oldest materials and one of the strongest that has been used in many applications such as the creation of rope, oil, paper and of course food. In this excessively fast world we live in today Hemp is now being used in creating footwear and clothing. Here are some technical specifications related to Hemp:

The material: Hemp

Hemp is able to wicken moisture which makes it 4 times more durable than cotton. It also is antimicrobial, antiseptic and hypoallergenic which are amazing features. Hemp is a crop that grows easily and in large quantities in Europe which makes it super accessible without relying on long distance shipments from locations far away without any regulations. Last but not least Hemp is probably the strongest natural textile fiber that is able to be used to make footwear, clothing, home living products and many more items that are used in our daily lives.

BOHEMPIA, has successfully launched and funded a Kickstarter project by raising $37,216 in early 2018 in which they introduced a collection of vegan friendly and super strong shoes for everyday use. The shoes are breathable, lightweight and guess what? Super comfortable. As mentioned earlier, Hemp has the ability to keep your feet dry and always smelling fresh because is removing moisture and at the same time is preventing the growth of odor. If you are looking for shoes with the above requirements look no further. BOHEMPIA is the way to go.

The Collection


The classic court low-top sneaker from the way back is back, powered by hemp. A variety of colors to match any mood or occasion make it a likely candidate as your go-to shoe.


Inspired by SoCal surf sneakers, this sustainable slip-on is stylish in a laid-back kinda way. Who needs laces?


Famous as a boat shoe, this plimsole sneaker combines a nautical flair with casual fashion. A great match with pin rolled pants in colors to match anything.


The Holata’s grown up sibling. The Orasa is a hi-top sneaker that was performance gear back when the NBA had 8-teams. Can be worn while strolling an exhibition or jumping off stages.


Get your adventure on with the Rohan. The lugged outsole provides traction and the high-top cut protects your ankles from rough terrain. Lace them up and hit it!


Great for expeditions of an urban variety, the Milek is our take on a classic boot style. Enjoy the looks of a boot with the comfort of a sneaker.

The construction

BOHEMPIA shoes are using vulcanized construction which means they are not using any glue or any stitching to attach the upper part to the outsole.

One of the few companies that still produces shoes inside Europe specifically in Czech Republic and not outsourcing their manufacturing in China or any other non European country. The good thing in all these? The pricing is a key factor for many people when selecting shoes. The prices start at $54 and go up to $179 which make them super accessible and super affordable. Overall we will characterize these shoes as a true bargain for what you pay and what you get in return.

At the time of the writing of this article BOHEMPIA has moved to Indiegogo to continue their crowd-funding campaign and they have also introduced their new line of t-shirts which again they are made from Hemp and are super comfortable, really cool and extremely unique. Head over to their Indiegogo In-Demand campaign to find out more and to support them by buying one of their products. You will not regret pressing the buy button.

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