Asket Clothing: The pursuit of less.

Ethical clothing at its finest.

Asket is a clothing company that was founded in 2015 by August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky. Asket is on a mission to help consumers buy less clothes instead of maximizing their sales. Where is the catch you may ask? Nowhere. They simply want to provide their customers with high quality products that will last them a lifetime instead of keep buying low quality products.

Asket started out on Kickstarter with an initial goal of €35,000 which they surpass and ended their campaign with a crowdfunding budget of €45,000. Their campaign was solely about a single simple t-shirt which is of course the most convenient piece of clothing that anyone can have in their closet.

Since 2015, they have managed to manufacture and launch over 20 different pieces of clothing from boxers, to chinos, to shirts. Their collection is all about minimalism, simplicity and of course affordability.

The permanent collection

Asket has seasonal clothing as most companies do but they have a “permanent collection” which is available all year round. They cut out all the middlemen and they only sell direct to consumer through their website. That is how they put their entire focus in building a collection which is going to be available throughout the year. Some key points to note from Asket’s website:

  • From farms to factories, we locate the finest natural materials, and partner exclusively with skilled, responsible mills and manufacturers
  • We’ve replaced standard sizing with our own extended, size system, taking into account that we’re all built differently and providing more people with a better fit.
  • Bypassing middlemen and stores, skipping discounts and sales tricks, we invest in higher craftsmanship, at and end-price way below traditional retail.

Full Transparency

Asket believes that being fully transparent to your customers is essential when you are selling clothing. They want their consumers to get the whole picture behind every piece of clothing they are selling and its story. Every piece of garment has a story and they want you to know about it:

  • Full Traceability: We break down and trace our garments to their roots, so you can learn about every touchpoint they pass.
  • Open Factories: We open the doors to our factories so you can learn about the skill and devotion required to create them.
  • Open pricing: With nothing to hide, we show exactly what it costs, so you always know what you’re paying for.

Every piece of Asket’s clothing is manufactured in a different factory all around the world in order to provide their customers with the best possible piece of clothing out there and of course at a very reasonable price. Below you can see a gallery of images that showcase all of Asket’s factories (click for higher resolution). On top of that they have a distribution center located in Tallinn, Estonia.

We believe that Asket’s mission is a hard one but, the quality of their products, their focus and their passion is what makes this company so great. We are supporting Asket 100% and we would love to see them expand into more categories with their premium manufacturing processes. They are definitely in our top 5 brands that we have tried throughout the years. We are also preparing a review for some of their truly amazing clothes that we have at hand. Stay tuned for that. Finishing the article with one last quote from Asket’s website:

We envision a world free of fast consumption.
A world with less clutter, less waste, less smoke and mirrors.

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