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Today we are doing something different. We fell in love with the designs that Designed by Wizards have produced and we wanted to throw an interview to celebrate the joy he brought in our lives since we found out about him. His name is Neo (short for Neophytos) and he comes from a small island in the Mediterranean called Cyprus. Lets enjoy the interview together.

Where is home to you Neo? Is there a place you would rather live?

I reside on the little island of Cyprus in its capital Nicosia, and as much as i love to travel and see other places, there’s no place like home!

How would you describe the life of an artist living and working in Cyprus?

It’s hard to make a living as an artist anywhere, let alone Cyprus which is so small. Luckily I use online platforms to sell my work worldwide, but I am looking to get my T-Shirts in to some local stores sometime this year.
However i do think i am more of a designer rather than an artist as it’s my profession, so it’s a bit easier to find some freelance jobs to keep the lights on.

How would you best describe who you are as an artist/designer?

That’s a tough question, I would say  my work is an extension of my passions, which is evident in my work, I try to only work on things that inspire me.

How would you describe your work to someone unfamiliar with it, and without being able to show it to them?

I do a lot of mashup designs, so for one of my latest designs ‘The Legend’ which is mashup of The Punisher and The Legend of Zelda, I would ask them to visualize two of the most important design elements of each subject matter and put them together.  Another style I have been working on is putting a Snythwave spin on everything, such as my latest design ‘Master of the Universe’ which is a Synthwave inspired take on He-Man.

Designed-by-wizards-interview-2018-gear-greed-02Tell us about the He-man Reference Design, the one that was recently published on sites like Qwertee and RiptApparel.

He-Man is already a classic 1980’s​ cartoon, and one i grew up watching, so i really wanted to pay homage to that​​.​ K​eeping in line with the 80’s I​​ used vibrant neon colours with a synthwave twist in the background and logotype.​ ​Putting the two together seemed​ organi​c​​ ​to me​ ​as they play off each other quite well.


Any other current or future project of Designed By Wizards you are involved in, that you would like to share with us?

I just finished a Star Wars Stencil design which will be available soon!, The next design I have in mind I would like to do is a Mashup between DOOM and Lord of the Rings! Which is looking to be one of my more complex designs to date, I am aiming to have it finished in the next couple of weeks.


Who was the person or what was the thing that initially made you want to become an artist?

I can’t really recall any specific thing that initially made me want to become an artist, i think i was always inclined in that direction, but something that kept me on that path was the inspirations i gathered along the way. One of the biggest inspirations i would say came from the movie ‘Blade Runner’, the film also grew my appreciation for Architecture as i loved Deckard’s apartment, so i researched some of the locations the film was shot and discovered the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright who designed ‘Ennis House’ and not only did his building inspire Deckard’s apartment but also the Marin County Civic Center which was used in another one of my favorite films ‘Gattaca’. So to answer your question with a single person, I would have to say Frank Lloyd Wright.

Designed-by-wizards-interview-2018-gear-greed-05What are you actually doing when you are not creating art?


Usually spent in front of the TV most nights with my Wife, Currently we are watching the show DARK on Netflix which is amazing!​ ​O​n the weekends we love to go for walks in nature, grab a cup of coffee and just enjoy life. Otherwise any free time I​ have is usually spent gaming​.​ M​ost recently I​​ ​have been sucked back into World of Warcraft​, and recently one of my friends bought me the game ‘The red Strings Club’ (Available on Steam) for my birthday, I am finding quite a bit of inspiration from this game and highly recommend it! I’m also one of the Organizers of the Cyprus Comic Con (A Non-Profit Organization) which ​takes up most of my time leading up to the Event.

What is your relationship with the internet?

I think like most people, it has become a natural extension of my existence, although I do tend to stay away from too much social media outside of work related matters, I remember the days when we didn’t have internet and gradually evolved from a 56K connection to currently a 60Mbps, some people will never know the struggle of trying to download an MP3, now we can download an entire movie in HD in that same timeframe, although sometimes I do miss not having to rely on it so much.


If you had $500 to spend in two hours, how would you do it?

Invest in Cryptocurrency 🙂

Final words?

Firstly I would like to thank you for the feature! Designed by Wizards is not yet to the stage in which I can sustain a living, it is more a work of passion in which I can share my designs and hopefully inspire someone else along the way, Apart from that, just the idea that people are actually walking around with one of my designs on a phone case, T-Shirt or Tote, fills me happiness and gives me encouragement to keep making more designs, knowing that they are appreciated by someone. So thank you to all that enjoy my work and stay tuned for more designs over at my Facebook page Designed by Wizards. You can also check out my work on RedbubbleTeePublic, Society6 and DesignbyHumans.
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