5 Suit Mistakes No Man Should Ever Make

5 Suit Mistakes No Man Should Ever Make

It doesn’t matter where you live, a suit is a suit. Owning and knowing to wear a good suit is the most important rule of every man – it has been so since ever, and it will continue to do so. Let’s be honest, it’s easier for men to decide what to wear on formal events than it is for women – the only task there is picking a well-tailored suit and a shirt to go with it. However, many men make several unforgivable mistakes when it comes to wearing and suit, so let’s take a look at the five most important ones:


The Length of the Sleeves

Yes, it does matter! Having sleeves of the right length might be a small detail, but it makes a big difference. The sleeves should not be long enough to touch your thumb, which is a mistake many men make. You should always leave about half an inch of your sleeve shorter than the shirt you’re wearing underneath. Be cautious though – do not buy a longer shirt, the shirt should end where your palm begins. There’s nothing better than having your shirt sleeve make a small appearance at the end of the suit jacket. Moreover, make sure to tailor your suit properly around your bicep.

The Buttoning

Ok, what do you do when your jacket has only one button? Well, in this case, it doesn’t matter – the choice is up to you (but we recommend buttoning it). However, if your jacket has more than one button, let’s say two or three (if it has four you just don’t buy it), it’s very important for you to know exactly how to button it. The main rule is never to button your bottom button (try to say this quickly!), unless, of course, you want to look dorky. Another important tip: when you’re sitting down, always unbutton your jacket – it’s definitely better for your image.

Vent and Pocket Threads

OK, this is a major one, as many men don’t know what threads to cut and how to cut them. Firstly, let’s focus on the vent threads that you have at the back of the jacket. You might have one (if your suit is Italian for example), or two (if your suit is British). You should never cut these off, as your jacket won’t sit properly, and it will be wrinkled once you’re seated, and a lot of material will pull around you. The story with pocket vents, however, is different. You might want to cut them open but never put anything there because it will stretch the fabric, even if you invest and buy some of the best suits in Melbourne or any other place.

The Accessorizing

Let’s talk a bit about all the extras that make your look complete. Never have more than three accessories, and make sure that only one is accentuated. You can’t go wrong with a very nice tie or a good pocket square (which at times can be matching with the tie). If you’re wearing a black bow-tie, go with a regular, white pocket square, and since you’re keeping it elegant and classy, you can choose a unique minimalistic watch. You can leave the bracelets and necklaces you have at home, and take them for a ride some other time.

The Length of the Pants and Jackets

This one is a very small one, and it’s very easy to change it. We talked about the length of the sleeves, but what about the trousers and jackets? They are equally important as they can make you look careless if they’re too long. Simply – the end of your jacket should be where your fingertips are, and the end of your trousers should be somewhere in the middle of your heel (the medium break) or a bit up (the slight break). Even though it’s very fashionable to show your socks or ankles – it might be risky.

Not a very difficult thing, right? If women can contour their faces spotlessly, why can’t you follow these five tips and look very dapper? You might even land with somebody’s phone number if you’re single, and if you’re not… well, you might as well land with it, but that choice is up to you.


Peter is a men’s lifestyle writer at Gentleman Zone & High Street Gent magazine from UK. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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