12 Best Men’s Wardrobe Essentials in 2018

Fashion is an irregular thing. A thing that cannot be predictable. It sometimes is worse than betting. Fashion trends are changing all the time, one day your outfit is the “in” thing, the next day your out of fashion. Just like that. Style, is a different factor that needs a different approach. If we forget about the fashion trends for a minute and what everyone says on social media, there are certain wardrobe clothing essentials that will always keep you looking sharp, despite the season, the time or the year. 

A few examples for the wardrobe essentials are the bomber jackets or perhaps the denim jackets. Furthermore, a casual or a simple watch is always in fashion. A crewneck sweater or even an oxford shirt are always items that are looked for when dressing up or even when dressing down. Here, are the top 12 key items that Geargreed recommends to every man out there and our promise that will keep your wardrobe, looking sharp all year-round. Make 2018 the year you invest in quality clothing and accessories for your wardrobe.

Bomber Jacket

A jacket that is usually worn by very stylish men and is super relevant to every man’s wardrobe throughout the year. It can be worn as the main jacket during warmer months, but it can also be worn under a heaveweight parka during heavy cold winters. For the best fit and comfort it is better to choose a minimal, slim-fit jacket in a darker color in cotton.

Geargreed ‘s recommendation:

If you are looking for one of the coolest jackets without putting any effort there is no way you can go wrong with one of from AMI PARIS, a company that creates stylish, minimal and super comfortable menswear.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is both versatile and usually has a good value. These jackets were created with one scope in mind. To last you for a lifetime. They were created with practicality and function at heart, they are ready to be used for many years and the best part is that they get better looking as their color fades away. The designs that Denim jackets have are very similar but, most brands change the color fading to make them look worn out or faded. There are denim jackets available for all tastes and budgets out there so go and get yourself one to boost your wardrobe.

Geargreed ‘s recommendation:

orSlow is a Japanese brand that has a mission to design and create well-made jackets, that are not only constructed out of extreme quality denim material but they are able to help you stand out from the crowd that is most probably wearing the “mainstream denim jackets”.

A Minimal Watch

Who doesn’t like a watch that matches your workwear but also matches your weekend outfits? A dress watch that can also be worn as a casual every-day watch. A watch that sports a mesh strap that goes all the way back to the 19th century, provides a simple yet luxury aesthetic. Moreover, a watch that has a mesh strap sits perfectly on the wrist and doesn’t require a lot to adjust the fit.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

KANE WATCHES was founded by Mr. Christopher Rasker in 2016. A fairly new company in the watch industry but, the quality and attention to detail they put into their watches is out of this world. They have already launched 5 different style of watches, but for this guide we are featuring the Blue Arctic Black Mesh. The reason is that a blue dial watch shouldn’t be missing from any manly wardrobe no matter your style. The best news? It’s actually affordable and has a sleek design.


Grey crewneck jumper

The perfect item to have during all seasons, either winter, spring or autumn is of course a classic cotton crewneck jumper, to enhance your wardrobe essentials and of course to accompany your style. It’s quite thicker than a cashemere jumper but not as thick as a wool one – it actually allows for room to breath.

We believe that a cotton crewneck jumper is best worn in a shade of grey (or a darker color), and it be able to keep you warm during a winter night or on a summer evening that might be a bit chill.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

Whistles‘ clothing are of top quality and you can’t go wrong with them. The cotton crewneck grey jumper featured below has clean lines but is using cotton of high quality.

Oxford shirt

An oxford shirt is naturally smart due to it’s formal color. Although an oxford shirt is a much softer shirt compared to stiff-collared shirts, it has a natural feel which is the silver lining between informal and formal wearing. It can be worn with a sports jacket for a dressed-down look, at the office or even for quick drinks after work. It can also be worn under a crew neck jumper for the weekends. A piece that should not be missing from any wardrobe.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

We are not going to be making any introductions for this brand because Ralph Lauren is the certified king of Oxford Shirts. Buy without hesitation.

White poplin shirt

A poplin shirt is easily paired with a dark colored wool suit, a double-breasted blazer and of course a three-piece navy suit. A sharply, ironed white shirt creates endless pairing possibilities around your wardrobe. It can also be worn without any jacket and still make an impression. The poplin white shirt is probably one of the best shirts out there due to its lightness, the room it allows for the body to breath and the fact that is super resistant to wrinkles. A shirt for many occasions either formal or informal.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

Drakes,a brand with a lot of history behind it, is established in London and is famous for its ties and pocket squares. However, the create some of London’s finest handmade shirts. Get yourself a nicely fitted white poplin shirt and receive a ton of compliments.

White T-shirt

A simple, high quality white T-shirt has the same fundamentals as a white shirt that we talked earlier. A white t-shirt can act as the clean canvas that can be matched with any color combination and any outfit. It can be dressed up with a navy blazer or dressed down with ripped jeans and sneakers. In case your budget allows to purchase a white t-shirt of high quality, you will be able to identify key differences that it offers. First of all it feels amazing on the skin and it comes out of the washing machine intact.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

Owning at least one Sunspel automatically raises your wardrobe to the next level. Not all white tshirts were created equally. Constructed from long-staple Egyptian cotton offers the softest touch to your body and ensures durability for many years to come.

Black T-shirt

Throw in a black one too, because who doesn’t own or wear a black t-shirt, right?

Slim-fit selvedge jeans

In case your wardrobe is missing trousers, dont worry we got you covered. You always have to make sure that you buy a good quality of selvedge jeans due to the fact that they are made out of premium unwashed denim that is is specifically designed to age beautifully. It also features self-finished edges that ensures, that the  fabric won’t get unstitched for any reason. Moreover, make sure you choose a slim, dark colored pair of jeans which guarantees freshness and also the ability to be worn at any time throughout the year.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

We talked about the king of Oxford Shirts before. Now without any introductions we believe that the king of Denim Jeans is none other than Levi. When they introduced Selvedged jeans, we were super confident that buying at least one pair of jeans would guarantee a lifetime of enjoyment.

Cotton chinos

A slim fit or regular-fit pair of super soft cotton chinos is probably the best alternative option to jeans. It is the exact middle between formal and informal. They can be worn with a button-down shirt for a more formal look but they can also be worn with a T-shirt and a bomber jacket for that sweet Friday after work drinks.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

Which brand is creating all-American vibes? Which brand is legendary when it comes to chinos? None other than J.Crew of course. Enjoy a simple yet minimalist pair from them. You won’t regret it.

White sneakers

A white pair of sneakers is essential in every man’s wardrobe no matter the season or the trend. It goes with anything that you throw at it. It can be a suit, a polo t-shirt, a pair of jeans or even joggers, it literally goes with any style you can think of. The only thing you need to be careful for when it comes to white sneakers, is to take good care of them in order to last for many years and be your wardrobe go-to shoe for a long time.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

If you are looking to get a white pair of sneakers that is not streamlined or mainstream, then look no further than Common Projects because, they were literally the first to create such a unique pair of sneakers back in 2004. Logos are invisible, it screams quality and it’s made out of durable materials. That’s the reason that these amazing sneakers have stayed so popular and still in fashion for the past 14 years.

Monk strap shoes

A wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without the most essential street style piece, the monk strap shoe. It’s mainly a dress shoe but it does look awesome when dressed down with a pair of dark colored jeans and a denim jacket. Dont be afraid to dd some Italian Finesse to your outfit whatever you are wearing.

Geargreed’s recommendation:

John Lobb, has designed and produced some of the finest shoes and boots for the most stylish men for the past 100 years. It takes 190 steps and many weeks of production for each pair which guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment. Buying a John Lobb Monk strap is an investment that doesn’t lose its value.

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