The 10 Best Guitar Amps for Beginners


Your decision of purchasing a brand new shiny guitar is amazing but can it perform on its own? A good guitar requires the right amp in order to reach the correct sound. Purchasing an amp is a lot of work because there are a plethora of available options. Which one is the right for you? Higher price means better sound, or is just a gimmick? Are you looking for a low-cost amp that you can depend on it? Buy a solid-state amp. Are you looking for an amp that has the a lot of tonal variety? Shoot for a modeling amp, because it provides all kinds of sounds without the need of a pedal board. Are you just looking for the best sound on a budget? Just get an all-tube amp. No matter what you are looking to buy, Geargreed has narrowed it down to the 10 best guitar amps for beginners that are available for purchase in 2018.

Check below The 10 Best Guitar Amps for Beginners available for purchase in 2018:

Marshall DSL40C


From rock to metal, Marshall amps have been the choice of guitar gods the world over. With the DSL40C, you can get the famous Marshall tube sound without having to invest in the stack. It’s a powerful 40 watt amp that has two foot-switchable channels, digital reverb and a shared five-way EQ.

Peavey 6505+


If metal is your jam, and you want an amp that will deliver brutal high-gain tone, this is your amp. Sized in a convenient combo package, this 60 watt beast features two channels with independent three-band EQ, pre/post gain controls and presence and resonance adjustment. It’s loud and powerful, yet small enough to throw in the back seat of your car.

PRS Sonzera 20

Relatively new to the amplifier world, Paul Reed Smith is building some of the most interest amps out there. After tapping legendary amp builder Doug Sewell to head design, the company has produced a range of boutique-quality amps for a fraction of the price. The Sonzera 20 is a reliable amp that is incredibly versatile, with a full tube sound similar to American amps from the ’60s.

Dr. Z Carmen Ghia


Want dead-simple boutique tone? Look no further. The Carmen Ghia has been around for over three decades, and is still a powerhouse in the high-end amp world. With only a volume and tone control, the focus is on you, your guitar and the music. Nothing else.

Grammatico Amps LaGrange


Austin-based John Grammatico is building some of the best amps available, and with his current range of products he’s managed to capture the spirit of legendary vintage amps while utilizing modern reliable components. The LaGrange is a small 15 watt amp that will sound great with either single coils or humbuckers. Expect a warm, woody sound with throaty mids and bell-like highs. The sound is transparent, harmonically rich and well worth the investment.

Bugera V5 Infinium


This small tube amplifier gives you a solid warm tone for an incredible price. A great gateway into the world of tube amps, it is a perfect practice amp for small rooms or studios, and a safe purchase for those looking to get a good sounding amp as an overall option.

Line 6 Spider V 30


For players who want an incredible palette of tones for a low entry cost, this is the amp for you. Experiment with 128 tonal presets, or create your own sounds with digital models of over 200 amps, cabs and effects. If you’re into playing different styles of music and you don’t want to invest in different rigs, look to this versatile solid state amp before you look elsewhere.

Orange Micro Terror Stack MT20 & PPC108


This tiny amp offers the best of both tonal worlds with a hybrid tube preamp and solid state power amp. This tiny package delivers a big sound, and paired with this small speaker cabinet, it’s all you need in a basic package. It’s perfect for pairing with a couple choice pedals, and letting your guitar’s tone speak for itself.

Fender Blues Junior IV


Fender’s open-back combo tube amps have been used on countless hit records in practically every genre of music in the past half-century. They can deliver both warm bell-like clean tones and gritty overdriven snarls. The Blues Junior IV is a relatively inexpensive way to get into Fender tube amps, and it’s the perfect size for studio and small venues.

Vox AC15C1


If you want to explore the two-channel tubes amps, start with Vox. The British brand is known for making workhorse amps that were used by classic rockbands. This small 15 watt option will give you all the tone in a small package that you can crank up in small spaces. Along with a simple set of controls, it features a by-passable effects loop for those players who are experimenting with different gear.

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