Bandit9 Reveals the Odyssey Motorcycle

Bandit9 unveiled their latest creation a few days ago. It’s called Odyssey and is a very well designed, high-performance motorcycle. We’ll start from the ground up. The rims are Borani, the breaks are Beringer Aerotec and the forks are Marzocchi. Moving on to the seamless unibody frame which is made of 904L Steel which is one of the toughest steels to use. The seat sports memory foam and of course Italian leather for maximum comfort every time.

Odyssey features an OLED display which is kind of a first in a motorcycle. Bandit9 offers odyssey in two variations: a 1400cc-v twin or a dual-drive electric motor. The major difference they have is that the electric engine is for those who are green.

The design of this magnificent beast is that it leaves you wondering if you are still in reality or some kind of a futuristic movie that hasn’t been released yet. It’s a seamless design that doesn’t showcase any of the internals. You are not able to see the gas tank or the engine which are the two things that always are displayed on a motorcycle still you feel attracted to it.

Bandit9 states that motorcycle design hasn’t evolved in a long time and apparently they don’t like it. That’s how the company is building the future of motorcycles, by leaving the old accepted look behind and moving onto something new still familiar. To all motorcycle owners and enthusiasts, once you are able to have an open mind about having something unique, futuristic and cool as the Odyssey and you want to read more you can go to their website for the deep analysis of the specifications. Keep in mind that Odyssey will be a rare breed due to the fact that only 9 pieces will be released worldwide.

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