A Beginner’s Guide to Compression Clothing

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape, improve your health or simply recuperate after a day in the office, the gym is the best place to do so. However, not all gym goers approach their workouts in the same way and show the same level of dedication and enthusiasm. And in order to get the best results, you need to have adequate gym equipment as well, including compression clothing. This is something not all men love wearing, but this gear makes a huge difference in the long run. Here are a few things you need to know about compression clothing and why it’s so irreplaceable.

The basics

Basically, compression wear is any piece of clothing that includes a special type of fibers that look like spandex and are able to adjust to your body in the best way possible – imagine Spiderman’s suit, but something that’s more gym-appropriate. These clothes are supposed to keep your muscles tight and compressed – hence the name – in order to improve your circulation, support your body and keep it contained. That’s why they come with a number of health benefits, from boosting your metabolism and pumping the blood back towards your heart, which ultimately enhances your workout, to speeding up your recovery process after an injury.

The appeal

Another reason why lots of gym enthusiasts around the world simply adore compression clothing is the way it changes their image for the better. Let’s face, most of these people are obsessed with their looks – after all, that’s why they’ve joined the gym in the first place – and therefore feel the need to appear sporty and attractive while lifting weights or using the treadmill. And compression clothing will do this for them in a matter of seconds. As soon as they put on their tight shirts and shorts, they’ll feel like an Olympian, and there’s nothing stopping them. But, at the end of the day, if it helps them achieve better results and make a real difference, let them wear as much spandex as they want.

The help

One of the most important reasons for wearing compression clothing is protecting your body against injuries. Although most people think gyms are the safest places in the world and nothing can happen to them while they’re working out, gym injuries are actually among the most common and most dangerous outcomes of a poorly constructed training session, especially if you’re not careful enough. Here’s where compression socks, tights and shirts come into play – they literally save you from getting hurt, day after day, particularly when it comes to the riskiest areas: the ankles, wrists, legs and back. Wearing proper compression clothing might ultimately save your life, especially if you’re pushing your limits all the way through a strenuous training session.

The speed

For all those jogging lovers out there – this is the thing you’ve been waiting for! Whether you love running in the gym or prefer doing so in the woods close to your home, you need lots of leg support and that’s precisely what compression clothes can give you. If you wish to score some results, and feel like you’ve made a real difference with your run, you need to look into compression tights and socks. These will make your run extra special and help you become more active and effective – not to mention the fact that they will preserve your strength and give you more energy – and that’s definitely something we all need when we’re headed for a run.

The use

Finally, you need to learn how to use compression clothing adequately – it’s not all about putting it on and hitting the gym. The first thing to remember is that you’re not really supposed to be covered in it from head to toes, no matter how cool that looks. Identify the problem areas of your body and focus on them, as that’s the way to make the most of your compression clothing. Secondly, start with one piece first, see how your body reacts to it and whether there are any visible chances of not. In the end, if you notice some improvement in your performances, get more compression clothes and take your gym experience to a whole new level!


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