Black Watch – Italian Carbon Fibre Watch


The Black Watch, a brand that was born in the beginning of 2017 is now in the stages of bringing its inspired by super cars watches to the public. The inspiration can be seen in their photos where you see in the background car wheels of super cars. These super stylish watches combine technology, lightness and elegance in order to create unique timepieces, never seen before in that price range and with that quality. When we asked them where do they think that they stand in the watch industry they told us: “Due to the huge variety of straps and hands that they offer, people will find them so irresistible, that can’t help it but try to collect them”. Well we believe that is true statement and we totally agree with it.

Two of the key details that define the black watches is the carbon fiber dial and the fact that due to that dial the watch is super lightweight. Carbon fiber was originally the material that was used in the aerospace industry and then made the transition into supercars, sailboats, motorbikes and even professional sports equipment. It has always been known as a “special” material due to the low weight, the stiffness, the resistance and at the same time the beauty that this material has over traditional materials such as plastic, metal etc.

The reason that this watch is called black is no other than the fact that it symbolizes the human need for speed, the desire for elegance and of course the Italian design behind it with the high fashion standards. One more area that we would like to cover regarding this watch is the waste-cutting policy that the company follows. Yes, that’s right, black watch has a GREEN soul that is actually using it for good. They are using the excess carbon fibre that is used to manufacture special parts for supercars therefore they are basically giving new life to potential waste and at the same time helping the environment.

I have used the Black watch for the past month or so. It’s a timepiece that I can honestly say that you don’t even notice it when you wear it. You know when you wear some of the bulky or uncomfortable watches that their strap is weird or they don’t sit nicely on the hand. Well the shape of the case, the color and strap are all so elegantly made and so lightweight that most of the times I got a bit scared that it fallen of me, but no that bad boy was still on my wrist posing for attention.

The black watch sports a 40mm anodized steel casing with a height of 9.7mm height which for us fall into the slim-weight category of watches, one that we really like. The lugs are kind of curved in order to sit nicely on the hand. As we mentioned it features a carbon fibre dial and has a sporty nylon strap which comes in many variations as well as the hands. The powerhouse inside this watch is the Swiss Ronda .763 which is a known and reliable quartz movement.

Last point that we left for the end is that every black watch is manufactured, assembled and checked in Switzerland by professional craftsmen in a production process that combines technology with tradition and of course quality.

The scheduled launch date for the Kickstarter campaign of this amazing brand is the 15th of November 2017.

The early-bird backers will be able to get this amazing, true eye-candy timepiece at a 40% (€119). Early birds are limited so if you are interested in this watch would want to act fast so you don’t miss that bargain. A Swiss made watch at that price.

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