Top 3 Instagram Artists to follow in Fall 2018

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Following our previous artist article about Designed By Wizards,Victoria, our newest member here on Geargreed proudly showcases her Fall roundup about the top 3 Instagram Artists to follow in fall 2018. She really has an awesome taste.

You’re a man who has good taste, an eclectic style and the best tech within reach, but do your apartment walls reflect the man you’ve become, or are they still sporting that Trainspotting “Choose Life” poster you bought during uni?

The way you decorate your living quarters reflects your personality and style, and if you’re reading this then I already know you’ve got style. The last thing you want, is to bring someone special over to your house only to have them gawk in horror to your cringe-worthy wall decor or lack-thereof. Have a look at our top three Instagram artists to follow and buy merch of to decorate your bare walls!

1. Hieu Nguyen (@kelogsloops)

We’re starting off simple here with Kelogsloops. Hieu Nguyen (aka Kelogsloops) is an talented watercolourist and is well known online for his otherworldly portraits. This fellow is currently still in university but that doesn’t stop him for making a name for himself on Instagram and on YouTube by making tutorial videos for his art. As a first step to decorating your bleak looking walls, I recommend this fine gentleman. He’s an ambitious, go-getter type of guy who doesn’t wait for success to reach him, he chases after it -oh, and his art is good too.

Top-3-Instagram-Artists-to-follow -in-Fall-2018


2. Lauren Marx (@laurenmarxart)

Completely changing the pace now with the weirdness that is Lauren Marx’s art. At first glance you might think, “Why would I decorate my walls with cute animals?” but then you start to see the entrails and the morbid overtones of death. Sure this might be a little much, especially if you bring home a vegan, but if you pay a closer attention to the art you’ll see that her work depicts the struggle for survival and the inevitability of death, and that even in such gruesome imagery there’s always something in bloom. Any of Lauren Marx’s paintings might seem too heavy or even grotesque to hang on a wall but they are sure to be a conversation starter no matter the situation.

Top-3-Instagram-Artists-to-follow -in-Fall-2018

3. Daria Golab(@dariaesste)

For my last artist installment, I’m giving you a taste of abstract illustration with cool hues. The art there can be symbolic if you want it to. That’s the best thing about abstract work, it’s open to interpretation. So you can pick one of Golab’s illustrations because the colours fit your living-room colour-scheme, or simply because you just like the imagery. The kicker is that you can pretend it’s about something deeper than it actually is and no-one will be the wiser.

So there you have it gents, the top three Instagram artists you should follow for the fall season of 2018.

Top-3-Instagram-Artists-to-follow -in-Fall-2018

Do yourself the favour and add a little art not only in your social media feel, but in your life too. If by any chance you don’t like our artists suggestions stay tuned for next season’s top three Instagram artists, but please whatever you do, just take down that Trainspotting poster already!

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