The 5 best things to give your groomsmen

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Wedding season is now over, phew. Pack that suit up and get back to normal life. Unless of course you caught the garter and are up next! If that’s the case you are in for a roller coaster ride of stress and planning. Don’t worry, I got you. To help ease the load on your shoulders I’ve sourced out the top 5 gifts to get the guys in your bridal party.

Your groomsmen are your closest group of guys that will support you through this exhilarating chapter in your life. Fun fact: the original point of the bridal party was to ensure a smooth and successful day for the happy couple and to prevent anyone from objecting during the ceremony. Back in that day they also had swords so they could help protect you from any vengeful jealous past suitors. In ancient law, it was required to have 10 witnesses present when tying the knot. Nowadays, the bridal party is mainly there to hand you a beer when the bride becomes a bit crazy and to help out with the errands, laugh at the family drama, hold onto your ring and vows, and of course, plan your epic bachelor party. These dudes are your bros for life, so show them how much they mean to you with a gift instead of the waterworks.

1) A Drone

The-5-best- things-to-give-your- groomsmen-Gear-Greed

My husband got this for his best man, and it was a hit! A drone is fun, not wedding related, but something that will last when the chapel is closed. If your BFF is into photography or YouTube, I suggest this as your gift. The great thing is that this untraditional idea comes in many shapes and sizes, in an array of prices. Therefore you can definitely find one to match any budget. It’s too bad the best man crashed the drone into a tree not once, but twice, and then lost it in the woods. It was fun while it lasted though.

2) Booze

The-5-best- things-to-give-your- groomsmen-Gear-Greed

What doesn’t say thanks man like a great bottle of alcohol? If your buds are more into beer there are some great options out there, I suggest either their fave or trying a new craft beer. For the winos, I’d recommend a great bottle of red such as a Bordeaux or Pinotage. If he’s more a mad men style and into the classics, grab a memorable scotch, almost any 18-year work quite nicely. You can also find lovely gift sets with the booze of your choice, some of which will include the proper glass to drink from. These can be found either online or in liquor stores.

3) Sentimental Engravings

The-5-best- things-to-give-your- groomsmen-Gear-Greed

If you are more the sentimental type then get something engraved. I suggest cuff links, tie clips, a flask or a watch (see my next gift idea for more on watches). It can be as simple as “Thanks”, an initial, or maybe the date of the big day! If you have more room to inscribe, you can include a nickname, quote or inside joke. Now, whenever your groomsmen use this item they will remember what a blast they had celebrating your marriage with you.

4) Watch It

Does your bro have great style, or needs help with a sense of time? To make sure he arrives on time that day, get a great handcrafted watch. A watch is elegant, stylish and something he will use again and again. I suggest something with a leather band, crystal face and automatic winding. It can be a bit overwhelming with choices, so try to narrow it down by his favourite colours, and if he’s a classic or a trendy dresser.

5) Shave it Off

The-5-best- things-to-give-your- groomsmen-Gear-Greed

Do your groomsmen have facial hair? Perhaps they’d enjoy an old-fashioned shaving kit, and save on money on their routine trips to the barbershop! A typical kit will include a double edge razor or a cartridge razor, a shaving brush, shaving cream (not from a can), often a stand and perhaps a shaving bowl (scuttle). You can add to the set by including more cream options, aftershave balms or a pre-shave oil. If you have a large budget you can continue the gift year-round by signing the dudes up for a monthly shaving club. There are many options out there that send a monthly shaving treat!

At the end of the day, let the guys know that you appreciate all their hard work and for being a part of your big day. That no matter whom you marry or how life may change, you will always be there for each other. Say it best with a gift that comes from the heart.

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