Stranger Things – A Bad Lip Reading for laughs

Bad Lip Reading videos have been out there for quite a while now. They have filled our lives with hours of non-stop laughing. Sharing with friends and family, even strangers on the internet they are a way of lifestyle even at odd times. This time they created a video that weirdly enough makes a lot of sense which is strange when it comes to this type of videos. The story behind the video is a really unique if you have an open mind and a lot of time to kill, 18 minutes to be exact.

The video showcases a very “different” type of conversation about the dinner table, a random rehearsal of a play and weirdly enough debates around music preferences.

Many people have been wondering how long it takes to create a video like this and actually stitch it together for the world to see. Well, as content creators we believe that it takes a really long time, both for the writing of all the funny phrases and the editing of the original video in order to make sense. Moreover, the hardest part is probably the effort they put into the actual lip reading, in order to understand and figure out what word to use instead of the original one.

The video above is a one of our favourite videos that they ever created due to the fact that we are huge fans of Stranger Things but at the same time they did an amazing job. The video makes sense, it’s really funny, really weird and worth your time. Hope you do enjoy it as much as we did.

Here is the link

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