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In Lost Sphear, Square Enix spins an interesting RPG tail of lost memories in a great attempt to recapture its fans most beloved gaming memories. In fact it cramps so many different nostalgic ideas and references into its relatively brief running time which helps its strong battle system and brings back so many great memories.

Lost Sphear the second game from developer Tokyo RPG Factory continues the studios philosophy of creating new role playing experiences inspired by the classic Chrono Trigger. And it comes a lot closer to realizing that goal than its predecessor 2016 pleasant yet monotonous ”I Am Setsuna”. It has its great moments and it certainly offers a great deal of flexibility. To its credit Lost Sphear plot has a unique vibe to it in a good way. The main character is Kanata, a young man who discovers that he has the ability to restore people and places in the world that is faded in to blank white voids because people have inexplicably forgotten them. Its all very mystical and calls to mind classical Japanese philosophies such as the beauty of impermanence and the concept that all things contain a living spirit. Of course this is a console RPG which means Kanata’s mission mostly involves using the flexible battle system to kill monsters, completing predictable side quests collecting vendor trash items from dead monsters and outsmarting cliche evil empires and all powerful cosmic forces. Kanata is joined in his quest by one of the most madly assortments of characters you will ever see being  together in an RPG.

After a while Lost Sphear leaves the impression that Tokyo RPG Factory’s tactics for recapturing the spirit of classic RPGS basically amounts on throwing elements of every classic RPG game with each one sticking to each other in a great way. It bags its self with a ridiculous number of mechanics and elements which made Chrono Trigger great. For example your party soon gains the ability to armour up with high powered mechanical armour called ‘Vulcosuit’. Veteran RPG fans make up warm and fuzzy memories of Xenogears but here Vulcosuits amount to little more than a hand fisted power boost in Lost Sphear’s positional battle system rather than dramatically transforming enemy encounters in a meaningful way. Likewise restoring lost memories it feels an awful lot like restoring the world in Dragon Quest 7. Then there are things that are simply taken from other classic RPGS without putting any sort of unique spin on them to set them apart from there source material. There is a ship wreck graveyard taken straight out of Final Fantasy 5. In the background Lost Sphear contains enough behind the scenes systems to power a 100 hour open world game, but it is all compressed into a leaner quest which you can potentially complete within 20 hours.

A highly customisable spritnite magic system, a gear forging system, dozens upon dozens of food recipes for which you have to supply hundred of different ingredients and more. But none of this have the space to properly stretch there legs. I would say this is the only flaw of the game and sometimes feels crowded. But if you see it in a different prospective the publisher of Lost Sphear and many more older RPGS has attempted to recapture the nostalgia of all those games and he has truly impressed us. We would also say that the creators of Lost Sphear managed to capture the moment to moment vibe of the classic role playing games.


Lost Sphear tries to recapture the glory of Chrono Trigger and its classic pears all at once and that is some deep shoes to fill but it manages really well. It managed to package up the nostalgic feel of the games it emulates and  grow on us over time after hours and hours of playing. Is it a modern classic? We would say yes even with all the similarities it may carry through out all the classic RPGS. But who does not love it when there is a combination of the old and classic games with the graphics and ideas of the new age?  You should check it out for yourself’s and pick up a copy at Great Games on Playstation 4 but also on the Nintendo Switch with the links down below:

Lost Sphear on Playstation 4

Lost Sphear on Nintendo Switch

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