First Ever Custom Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 by Ironwood


It’s a rarity to see a functional, custom made motorbike as beautiful as the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701. And, honestly, it doesn’t really need improving. But that’s never stopped custom motorcycle builders before. Thankfully, however, the first example of a custom job on this bike comes courtesy of Ironwood Motorcycles — true masters of the craft.

Called ‘The Chain Smoker,’ this ridiculously handsome moto manages to both retain and improve upon the looks of the donor bike. This is achieved most obviously by lopping off the tail and further exposing the frame and engine components beneath the seat. But the modifications hardly stop there. Arjan van den Boom and his crew have also added a new subframe, an under-seat tray to hide the unsightly wiring and battery, a new custom leather seat with beautiful integrated LED indicator and tail lights, and — most strikingly — an angular geometric camouflage paint job on the tank. As we mentioned, this bike didn’t need any improvements, but Ironwood managed to make it so much better nonetheless.

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