Far Cry 5 Review for Playstation 4

Taking down murderous thugs is just as fun in rural America as it is in the Himalayas. Far Cry 5 is another great game in the open world series Ubisoft seems most willing to have fun with. It may be playing a familiar tune but all of its combat, physics and wild life systems are mixed together to create unexpected moments of intense and hilarious action.

Rural America may not be quite as exotic or exciting playground as a tropical island or remote mountains, but the open world map of fictional Hope County Montana is in true Ubisoft fashion, packed with so much to find and so much happening at any given time is easy to get destructed from the main mission in hand. That is not a complaint, i like games with big possibility spaces. The mountains, the valleys, the planes, the forest, the rivers, the lakes and caves makes it a place where there is not a dull moment. The scenery and characters don’t look quite as nice as say Assassins Creed Origins but it’s a great looking game. While the Far Cry formula remains addictive there is a certain amount of sameness to it. It’s still a blast to play and the brutal combat remains ever so satisfying.

About the game

Our main villain this time is a cult leader named Joseph Seed. He is a respectable threat but his acts of terror haven’t left the same impression on me that Vaas and Pagan Min did on the previous two games. Seed doesn’t have any particularly memorable lines and his motivation for wanting to end the world is murky. But the story ends up in an unforgettable place making you wanting to take this open world adventure till its end which is worth seeing.

Your unnamed sheriff’s deputy character is a mute and i like that for the first time in a Far Cry game. You can choose between a male or female protagonist with some light customisation. But as a series of bonkers as Far Cry the customisation options here are a little conservative.

One way Far Cry 5 changes things up is that the structure of the main quest have been improved. In order to get to Seed you need to eliminate his three siblings first. The fact that you can make your way through the three different areas and bosses in any order you like makes Hope County feel truly open. Faith Seed the one female boss is probably the most interesting of the four. She employs a drug called “Bliss” to cause hallucinations to her victims and those sequences end up being the most visually interesting moments of the game.

Another significant change is that, while Far Cry games have always been primarily about playing as a one man army here you spend less time alone than in previous games. There are more NPC allies to meet, all whom are well written and likeable. Then there’s the gun for hire system which allows for both companionship when you are not playing in co-op and new combat possibilities. Nine different specials can be recruited offering a system in the form of air support, sniper support or even animal buddies. Its yet another way to customise your experience and generate some fun random craziness. It’s also notable that there are many more options for getting airborne now. Unlike in Far Cry 3 and 4 planes and helicopters are abundant in Hope County. It’s nice to order a helicopter and take the scenic route to your destination.

The entire story can also be played cooperatively with a real world friend. That is where Far Cry 5 achieves a whole new other level of crazy. Two players generate twice as much chaos and it is really fun to galavant around Montana with a buddy leaving destruction anywhere you go.

Then there is Far Cry arcade an entirely new mode separate from the campaign where you can create your own levels. It aims to keep you playing long after you finish the campaign but in its current state is a bit of a disappointment if you want to play rather than create. The editing tools are very in-depth and a hand full of different mission types can be created, but this isn’t something that you casually sit down with and whip up your own level. Creating something worth playing will take time, patience and actual level design skills. As such, much of what is available to play right now in Far Cry arcade might be a bit boring. There is a level called “Resident Evil 7” that recreates the mansion from the horror game but what you do is just walk around outside of the building. I can see the potential for a steady stream of new Far Cry content here, but it will need dedicated and talented creators to make it.

The Verdict

Far Cry 5 is another amazing open world adventure with all the ingredients for causing a real ruckus. The variety of enemies and allies, the temperamental wildlife and the plenty explosions are just some to say for the insanity you will experience. Even though above all this insanity it manages to tell a serious story with respectable characters and a powerful ending. The successful transition they had in this game from the exotic locales to America’s backyard makes me curious, hungry and even more exited to see where else this beautiful series of Far Cry games can take us next. Pick up your copy now at Great Games for your Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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