Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Review For Playstation 4

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT developers Team Ninja gave us a unique fighting game that everyone will have a lot of fun playing. With an amazing roster of 28 beloved characters from different Final Fantasy games the hardcore fans of the franchise will have the opportunity to have some spectacular battles that they have always dreamed about. With its spectacular visuals and addictive game play even new comers to the franchise will have a blast that might hook them up and get them in search for older Final Fantasy games.

The developers have crafted a 3v3 battle system where you must pick your fighters wisely due to the different styles, skills and movements that each have for you to get a victory. The battle system in Dissidia Final Fantasy Nt may be a bit intimidating at first but after a few battles and getting to know the basics you will be beating all your battles in no time. As mentioned above all characters have their own play style and they are divided into four different classes:

  • Vanguard: Have very powerful Bravery attacks that can cover a wide area. They move slower, but have high endurance. Their mobility is limited compared to other characters, but their heavy hits and medium range make up for their lack of speed.
  • Assassin: Are quick on their feet but their Bravery attacks do lighter damage. Their high mobility and ability to triple jump while airborne make up for their lower endurance. They are very agile, close-range attackers.
  • Marksman: Attack long range with magic attacks. They are weak to close combat and have the lower endurance. However, their long range and area skills give them an advantage.
  • Specialist: Possess unique abilities that distinguish them from the other three types.

In Dissidia there are two different variants of how battles are fought and won, you either battle your opponent until all of his three lives are depleted or by protecting a fluorescent core that acts as a base. In either case precise team working is required in order to emerge victorious through out a battle. Beyond this two game types and the story mode there isn’t any other mode available at launch and this is a bit unfortunate. I guess we will be getting more modes and players later on from a launch of a DLC.

So moving on to the one of a kind battle system Dissidia uses, the so called “Bravery Combat System”. The goal you have through out a battle is to raise your bravery by lowering the opponents bravery which you can steel from him and then attack them and take their HP down to 0. Each team has three bars and each time a player is knocked down you lose one bar. First team to knock down all three bars gets the victory. Let me tell you a bit about the basic controls and what to know about for your first battles:

  • Bravery Attacks: You can use the button “O” to steal bravery points from your enemies.
  • HP Attacks: Once your bravery is high enough, use an HP attack with the square button to deplete your foe’s HP proportional to the Bravery you have accumulated. Your Bravery resets to zero after using an HP attack, and gradually recovers up to 1000 points. So one strategy is to move out of range while you wait for your Bravery to recover. When your Bravery points display purple, this means you are strong enough to do a 1-hit kill on your selected target with an HP attack.
  • EX Skills: Each character of the roster additionally has their own unique EX skill that is activated by the triangle button. They can also equip 2 common EX skills from the list of 25 and use them in combat with the triangle button + left stick up/down. These special skills offer effects such as poison, teleport, or even buffs and debuffs.
  • Targeting: You can switch between targets using “L2″and “R2”, or select the closest player by pressing both “L2” and “R2” buttons at the same time. In the Options Menu you can even change how enemies are targeted. Pick between “Character Position” (selecting based on where the enemy is located on the map), or “List” (target based on the order they are displayed on the HUD menu/player number) to see which you prefer.
  • Target Line: A glowing line on-screen connecting you and your target will keep you noticed of your current lock-on; a similar, separate line will tell you who is locked on to you. If it turns red, beware! The enemy is about to attack. You can guard with “L1”, dodge with “L1” + left stick, jump with cross and hit “R1″to dash towards your current target.

Another mode we loved in Dissidia was the Story mode which is very enjoyable. It is taking place after the events of older Dissidia games and the Final Fantasy characters are acting as warriors to the goddess known as Materia, working together to destroy an evil force which is threatening to engulf the world. The interesting part of the solo campaign is that as you progress new scenes and fights are being unlocked which personally i find very challenging to keep me going till the end.

The Verdict

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is like a dream come true for every Final Fantasy fan, with the opportunity to battle with a variety of beloved characters from older games of the franchise all in the same game. The beautiful scenes through out the stages and the amazing soundtracks give an even more breath taking experience in a battle. With the fast pace battle system and the unique character moves and skills it is a great fighting game to play. We highly recommend this game for every one but especially to the hardcore Final Fantasy fans. Pick up your copy now at Great Games for your Playstation 4.

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