De Castelli Samotracia Copper Motorcycle


The ultra-stylish De Castelli Samotracia motorbike has been designed by Mario Trimarchi as an aerodynamic transportation solution that will provide an exceptionally chic way to get around town.

Though it’s certainly not the sole or even the main reason we love them, many a custom motorcycle is made all the better by the uniqueness of its appearance. Of course, a lot of the time that comes secondary to the overall performance of the vehicle. Not in the case of the De Castelli Samotracia bike, however, as this one is most definitely a style-first moto.

A meditation on the aesthetics of movement, this geometrically-styled street bike boasts a body and front fender made almost entirely out of unfinished copper — yes, the metal. And while that’s certainly an interesting material choice, it serves a very specific function: over time, the bike will age, shifting from having the appearance of a newly-minted penny into a greenish patina not dissimilar to the Statue of Liberty. The concept of change in relation to speed and movement is further explored in the geometric “folds” found across the fairing, a design inspired by the jerking abruptness of time-lapse photography. We just hope that this beauty actually gets to see the open road, as it would be a tremendous shame otherwise.

The De Castelli Samotracia motorbike will slowly transform over the course of many years and addresses the shift towards stylish transportation solutions as consumers seek out ways to subtly show off their personal style.


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