Aston Martin DBS 59

2019 is the tribute year that Aston Martin has finished first and second in the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans with its DBR1 race cars. Therefore, the world known british car manufacturer has released a super special edition Superleggera that is called DBS 59. The car is based on the beautiful and amazing DBS Superleggera, which is the vehicle with the most speed that is available in Aston Martin’s car lineup. The DBS 59 is capable of rolling the streets in a 715 horsepower body.

Even though, all the changes and upgrades that happened are mostly visual, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking this beast for a spin in the open road. The DBS 59 is painted in british racing green and features many glossy carbon fiber parts on the exterior. The carbon fiber parts include the roof, the rear valance, the spoiler and the hood louvers. They have also used bronze accents in selected areas of the car. For example, the front grille, the badging, the brake calipers and wheels are all bronze and all together the create an amazing unification of colors. If you take a look on the inside you can clearly identify brown and black leather seats, a British racing green trim, and of course fabric that resembles the fabric that it was used on the DBR1’s seats and door inserts back in 1959.

The DBS 59 comes fully equipped with a cool accessories package that includes a rear compartment that holds special DBS 59 crash helmets, a unique two-piece luggage set and a car cover that is tailored made to each model number. There are only going to be made 24 pieces of the DBS 59. Talking about exclusivity.

Aston-Martin-DBS-59-Superleggera-Special-Edition-1-Gear-Greed Aston-Martin-DBS-59-Superleggera-Special-Edition-3-Gear-Greed Aston-Martin-DBS-59-Superleggera-Special-Edition-4-Gear-Greed Aston-Martin-DBS-59-Superleggera-Special-Edition-5-Gear-Greed

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