Ringbrothers co-founders Jim and Mike Ring put a super difficult task on themselves. They gave themselves a period of 12 months to piece together a big badass beast 1972 Javelin to participate at the 2017 SEMA show that takes place in Las Vegas. The car that they manage to create is, a 1972 AMC Javelin AMX that has been injected with a Hellcat engine transplant.

As mentioned, under the hood of the 1972 AMC Javelin AMX there is a Wegner Motorsports 6.2L Hemi Mopar Hellcat that has been fitted with a Whipple 4.5-liter Supercharger. If you do this equation you get an unreal, out of this world horse power. 1,036 horsepower to be exact. The engine is backed by a Bowler automatic transmission featuring a Q41 carbon fiber driveshaft that is able to send all that horsepower to the wheels. The 1972 AMC Javelin AMX features Flowmaster headers and exhaust that help this bad-ass baby to produce sounds out of this world. We would categorize them as dominance sounds. If you are amazed by the exterior you would be dazzled to get a glimpse at the interior of this car; feauturing a Kicker sound system, Classic Instruments gauges, and custom made Upholstery Unlimited seats. Finally a set of HRE Performance Wheels is wrapped in Michelin tyres.

Taking into consideration that this amazing build was finalized within 12 months from start to finish we are extremely amazed. One of their productivity tricks that helped Ringbrothers to have a quick turnaround, was the use of 3D scanning and 3D printing, which surprisingly they never used before. Talking about passion for speed, muscle and beastliness. Gentlemen, below you can take a good look while you are drooling at the 1972 AMC Javelin AMX by Ringbrothers.


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