1959 Aston Martin DB4


In the era of the 1950’s the people behind the Aston Martin design team set a goal. A goal to re-work from scratch their flagship model, their newborn. The model that was known for its exquisite beauty in the luxury sports cars industry and the one that became a cultural icon of the United Kingdom. In the late 50’s the Aston Martin team revealed a completely redesign, reworked tourer, that goes by the name DB4. They used that car that was produced in 1959 as their tour model that was driven around the streets of London to showcase their attention to detail and their work around UK.

The Aston Martin DB4, took a complete chassis redesign than the DB2. It was the first Aston Martin ever that received a Superleggera body which consisted of super thin aluiminum sheets that were stretched over a small gauge of steel and that’s why it was the predecessor of the DB2. An almost completely different car on the inside and very similar on the outside.

The car we are looking here today is the car that has a chassis no. DB4/108/R, and it was the thrid DB4 that was produced in the newly created Newport Pagnell warehouse. The car quickly became a DEMO car and it was only used in London’s streets. That vintage yet super amazing car has been taken care of by R.S Williams the famous curator of Aston Martin. Over the years, the car has been upgraded in many areas such as carburetors, new transmission, changed interiors and he also added flared fenders for bigger offset wheels. The car that was produced in 1959 and probably one of the iconic Aston Martins ever made is now being offered for sale by a company called Hexagon Classic. The sale will include everything from the factory build sheet, the ownership records and everything else that is needed to prove authenticity and full provenance.


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